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Five apps for business card scanning

Persistent critters, those little analog cardboard rectangles. Even with the option to scan QR Codes, email vCards or bump phones to swap contact information, the venerable business card keeps on trucking -- and keeps on making it challenging to leap from analog to digital information. If your c...

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RE/MAX Regional Services using Passbook for business cards

We've already seen Apple's Passbook app used for sports tickets, gift cards and boarding passes, but leave it to the real estate industry to embrace one of its more interesting uses: business cards. RE/MAX is partnering with digital business card provider Vizibility to offer virtual, Passbook-c...

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Daily iPad App: Business Card Reader HD lets you scan business cards on the go

SHAPE Services has an iPad version of its Business Card Reader app that'll make it easy for you to manage your business cards right on your tablet. The iPad version works in a similar way as its iPhone counterpart. It uses the camera on your iPad 3 to snap a photo of a business card and has a t...

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CardMunch app adds LinkedIn profiles

Some of you may remember CardMunch before LinkedIn acquired it earlier this year. The app lets you scan business cards and add them to a contact list. It uses Amazon's Mechanical Turk service and an actual human to do the optical character recognition needed to translate the image into text. No...

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