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DevJuice: Don't forget to order your WWDC business cards

With WWDC just around the corner, time is running low. Have you ordered new business cards for the event? If you're looking for something a little more interesting than a plain white rectangle, there are lots of options out there. Moo is well-known for their rounded-corner high-quality cardstoc...

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Contact Snapper is an easy way to turn business cards into contacts

Contact Snapper for iPhone is the most clever app I've seen for the purpose of turning a business card into an editable digital contact. The app, which you can test for free, has several in-app purchase options I'll discuss later in this review. Contact Snapper is simple to use, and that is t...

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RE/MAX Regional Services using Passbook for business cards

We've already seen Apple's Passbook app used for sports tickets, gift cards and boarding passes, but leave it to the real estate industry to embrace one of its more interesting uses: business cards. RE/MAX is partnering with digital business card provider Vizibility to offer virtual, Passbook-c...

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Win a CardScan Executive for Mac

TUAW reported on the new CardScan Executive for Mac in late September, and now you have a chance to win one in an exclusive TUAW giveaway. It's the sweet little scanner seen at right. No, you don't get the iPhone along with it -- that's only in the picture to give you a sense of how small the CardSc...

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TUAW Review: CardScan Executive for Mac

If you're one of those people who maintains a huge collection of business cards, you're going to love this product. CardScan has come out with a Mac version of their CardScan Executive scanner and software, and it looks like a winner. The US$259.99 package includes the small (3.5" x 6.4" x 1.6")...

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