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Tim Cook comes out: "I'm proud to be gay"

In a Bloomberg BusinessWeek essay published this morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook affirmed that he is gay, something that had long been spoken of within the tech community (and sometimes accidentally in the mainstream media). In his own words: While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicl...

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Apple's execs are not the best-paid

A report earlier this week from Businessweek claimed Apple has four of the five highest-paid employees among Standard & Poor's 500 companies. The figures cited in this report included both base salary and vested stock packages, which has some people, like Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Apple 2.0, c...

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AT&T CEO promises improved service from T-Mobile deal

Businessweek had a chat recently with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, and he told them that the pending merger with T-Mobile would have the intended effect of improving service and capacity on the networks for all of AT&T's devices, including, of course, the iPhone. "Virtually on the day y...

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Verizon was "never in the running" for original iPhone

Verizon CEO Ian Seidenberg sat down with Charlie Rose of Business Week and confirmed that Verizon was never in the running for the original iPhone. Though Verizon and Apple discussed the iPhone early on, Seidenberg claims that Apple was only interested in choosing one carrier per market and that ...

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Verizon iPhone to launch after CES, says BusinessWeek

It's beginning to look a lot like the week after Christmas, when East Coast denizens dig out from their snow cover, and the incoming emails from vendors exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show (which starts January 6 in Las Vegas) form a digital blizzard of their own. One product that everyone w...

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Case Study: Standing at your Mac to save your back

BusinessWeek is worried that Your Office Chair Is Killing You. "Short of sitting on a spike, you can't do much worse than a standard office chair," says Galen Cranz, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. This article caught my eye because just about a month ago, I bought this ...

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Apple ranks third in BusinessWeek customer service survey

Apple has nailed down the number three spot on BusinessWeek's fourth annual customer service awards, falling in right behind LL Bean and insurance company USAA, and way above companies like Amazon and Dell. The awards were based on survey results from a few different places, and Apple scored an A+ ...

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Businessweek puts Apple at top of Most Innovative list

Businessweek has posted a list of what they call the top 50 most innovative companies in 2009, and guess who is sitting right at the top of the list. Sure enough, it's our favorite computer maker -- according to the survey, taken by "senior executives around the world," Apple is number one, and the ...

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Could Apple be eyeballing CES? Probably not

After news of Apple's decision to pull out of Macworld, many tech writers are wondering if Apple isn't considering participation in the Consumer Electronics Show, typically held around the same time as Macworld, in Las Vegas. Most seem to be asking vague questions about what would happen if Apple de...

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BusinessWeek: AAPL 'ripe for the picking'

BusinessWeek's Gene Marcial is gushing -- gushing -- over Apple stock, suggesting they're not only a good buying opportunity for those who already own some shares, but a good entry point for those who have never owned stock in the company. "The case for Apple is simple: Its stock is cheap based main...

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First-Gen iPhones rise steadily in price

This Business Week article describes the rising demand for first generation iPhones. "Shelf prices" (using eBay values of virtual shelves) for the 16GB iPhone are currently at about $600, and $500 for 8GB models. In other words, the $250 AT&T refurb specials from March are now worth roughly dou...

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Oh, to have Apple's cash problems

Not unlike this guy, Apple is going to need avalanche insurance for the mountain of cash that it's sitting on. According to BusinessWeek, Apple has amassed $20.8 billion in cash and short-term investments, adding nearly $1 billion each and every quarter. It's not necessarily odd for a company to ha...

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Apple #2 on the BusinessWeek Infotech 100

BusinessWeek has ranked Apple #2 on its list of the Infotech 100. This list is designed to rank tech companies on their fundamental economic strength, taking into account "shareholder return, return on equity, total revenues, and revenue growth." Apple was up from 6th place last year and came in be...

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BusinessWeek examines Mac inroads in big business

This week's BW cover story puts Apple's approach to business users squarely in the spotlight, as Peter Burrows captures both the remarkable surge of employee-driven Mac purchasing for the enterprise (often triggered by staff who are Mac users at home, or as I sometimes refer to them, "iMullets" -- b...

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Michael Lopp on how Apple thinks different in design

Over at Business Week, Helen Walters has an interesting summary of a presentation given by Michael Lopp at SXSW on Apple's design process. Lopp is a senior engineering manager at Apple and gives a sneak peek at the process that Apple uses to bring such great products to the market. Particularly int...

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