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Al Gore praises Tim Cook as 'a fantastic CEO'

Tim Cook already has plenty of fans, but just in case you were wondering, we can add former US Vice President Al Gore to the list as well. Speaking with Bloomberg, the almost-43rd-President of the United States called Apple's head honcho "a fantastic CEO." This should come as little surprise, given ...

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Pixar president Dr. Ed Catmull, Oracle's Larry Ellison discuss Steve Jobs

Over the years, Steve Jobs was a big part of the annual D:All Things Digital conference and his presence at the recent D10 was sorely missed. In one long sit-down session, both Pixar President Dr. Ed Catmull and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison talk candidly about their interactions with Jobs and his i...

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AllThingsD posts video highlights of Tim Cook's conversation

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher interviewed Tim Cook during the opening event for its D10 Conference which is in full swing this week. Besides archiving the live blog, AllThingsD also posted several video highlights from the talk. There's one 16-minute clip and several short clips that present t...

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Rating Tim Cook's performance as Steve Jobs's replacement

All eyes have been on Tim Cook since he took over as CEO of Apple. Most early reports have been favorable, including this latest one from Don Reisinger who is writing for eWeek. Reisinger presents ten reasons why Tim Cook is considered a topnotch CEO. Contributing greatly to his success is th...

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Considering how Tim Cook is changing Apple

Adam Lashinsky, Sr. of Fortune takes an interesting look at Tim Cook and how the new CEO is changing Apple. He spends a great deal of time writing about Cook's business practices and the philosophy that'll shape the Apple of the future. Lashinsky writes, In general, Apple has become slight...

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Ferrari president reportedly meets with Tim Cook

Speaking at Stanford University's View From the Top lecture series, Ferrari President and Chairman Luca di Montezemolo talked about a recent meeting he had with Apple CEO Tim Cook. When talking to the Stanford students, di Montezemolo had many good things to say about Apple, according to a Wire...

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Tim Cook among Time's most influential people

Time unveiled its 2012 list of the top 100 influencers in the world on Wednesday and Apple CEO Tim Cook was included on this list. "Cook has already led the world's most valuable and innovative company to new heights while implementing major policy changes smoothly and brilliantly," says Appl...

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CNN Money: New York Times gets Tim Cook's earnings wrong

The New York Times ran a report over the weekend that claimed Tim Cook was a million-dollar-a-day CEO. Acording to a follow-up report from CNN Money, that estimate is way off. The CNN report claims the NYT was correct with the CEO's yearly salary of US$900,000, but made a mistake when it incl...

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Walter Isaacson on the leadership of Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson, the author who wrote the Steve Jobs biography, penned a recent column for the Harvard Business Review focusing on the traits that made Jobs an excellent business leader. Isaacson spent many hours with the Apple CEO while writing this book and uses the insights he obtained to ...

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Apple workers quite fond of CEO Tim Cook

Apple employees were happy when Steve Jobs was at the helm and now his successor is receiving the same adoration. According to Glassdoor's March 2012 list of the top 25 highest rated CEOs, Tim Cook takes the top spot with a 97 percent approval rating. This matches Steve Jobs's rating when he re...

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Tim Cook defends Senior VP of Retail appointment

Apple announced earlier this week that the former CEO of UK electronics chain Dixons, John Browett, was being appointed to the head of retail in Cupertino, but since then, there's been some rumbling among those interested that Browett might not have been the best man for the job. Dixons hasn't exa...

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Dixons Retail CEO John Browett will become Apple's new SVP of retail

Apple announced on Monday that John Browett will join the company as its new Senior Vice President of Retail. Browett will replace Ron Johnson, who left Apple last year to become the CEO of retailer JC Penney. Browett will leave his current position as CEO of British electronics retailer Dixons to ...

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How Line2 accidentally disrupted the phone industry

Last week at CES 2012, I met up with Line2 CEO Peter Sisson; he is a man who's done a lot of butting heads with big companies over what started off as a pretty simple proposition. Line2's basic concept was to create a second line (for business or personal calls) on your iPhone. Sisson's origina...

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Guy Kawasaki on what he learned from Steve Jobs

Guy Kawasaki was an early Apple evangelist and helped market the Macintosh in 1984. As a result, he worked closely with Steve Jobs and experienced his leadership first-hand. To remember his former boss, Kawasaki compiled a list of the 12 qualities that set Steve apart from other CEOs. Kawasaki ...

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Tim Cook's "time to shine" with new iPhone announcement

Tomorrow is a big day for Apple fans around the world, it's also a big day for Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook is expected to introduce the next generation iPhone. Apple's first high-profile announcement since WWDC and Cook's first as CEO. Cook is highly regarded as an expert in operations and supply ...

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