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CES 2012 Flashback: Seth Green's favorite 3 apps

Last year we ran into Seth Green at CES and asked him his favorite 3 apps. As we reported later, Shodogg (an app Green has invested in) is an app for easily sharing videos across devices wirelessly. We're at CES this year and will keep you posted on any cool products we find. ...

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Smule's Ge Wang plays Magic Guitar for us at CES

We got to sit down for a quick chat with Smule's own Dr. Ge Wang at CES in Las Vegas last week, and the result is the video below. Not only is the co-founder overseeing Smule's musical experiences for mobile devices (and its recent merger with Khush, another musical developer), but he's also an...

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Slacker Radio tries to break through a flooded streaming music market

One of our final meetings at CES last week was with Slacker Radio's VP of Marketing, Jonathan Sasse, who sat down in a Las Vegas lobby restaurant to tell us what his company has been up to lately. Slacker Radio is one of the many streaming radio offerings that have apps available on the App Sto...

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Shodogg makes a grand debut at CES

A new company that debuted at CES is looking to figure out a way to give users of web video (both content owners and viewers) exactly what each of them wants without ruining the experience for either side. Shodogg wants to be the middleman of the video experience, tapdancing on the line betwe...

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Apple checking out the competition at CES

Just because Apple isn't exhibiting products at CES doesn't mean it's not interested in the event. paidContent.org is reporting that the company does have a presence, with one of their bloggers running into Greg Joswiak (head of iOS product marketing at Apple) at the Sony booth. Joz isn't the on...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Music, books, and apps

There's a surprising dearth of Apple-related news this week, other than pundits talking about how almost every company at CES is copying Apple's innovations in one way or another. No worries -- if you're depressed hearing about the latest cheesy MacBook Air clone or some other company's iPad ri...

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Belkin announces Thunderbolt Express Dock

Belkin has announced its Thunderbolt Express Dock, a small unit that will allow owners of Thunderbolt-capable Macs to plug multiple peripherals into their Macs via a single cable. As reported by AppleInsider, Belkin's Thunderbolt Express Dock includes the following built-in ports: Gigabit ...

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Acer AcerCloud promo images look just like iCloud

Wow, what a surprising turn of events! Yet another consumer electronics manufacturer has unveiled something "new" that appears to be a blatant copy of something that Apple created. In this case, the guilty party is Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer. When they're not jumping on the "Ultrabook...

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