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ViewSonic's high def "Made for iPod" projector

Today, ViewSonic announced its PJ258D iPod-ready projector. For just under a thousand bucks, you can insert your iPod and play back video on your favorite wall or screen. I applaud the fact that it's "made for iPod" and that you can dock your iPod right into that baby, but it strikes me as overly s...

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Better and cheaper iPod screens from Philips

Now this I want. At CES 2007, Philips introduced two new iPod gadgets, the DCP750 and the DCP850 which allow you to dock your iPod and watch your video on a 7-inch or 8.5-inch screen. You can use the included car adapter, so you can watch video in your car on these nicely sized screens, or you can u...

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Duracell/Battery Biz combines battery power, FM transmitter and iPod

Here's a completely offbeat product introduced at this year's Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show: it's a Duracell battery that boosts your iPod's playback power and provides an FM transmitter for your music. According to the video, it's manufactured by Battery Biz which has licensed the Duracell...

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Actual Waterproof iPod case demonstrated at CES

Remember how disappointed TUAW readers were in the H2O Audio "waterproof" Nano housing that was, at best, water resistant? Today's Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show brings better news. Here's a demonstration of an actual waterproof container for your iPod, courtesy of Atlantic's EGO waterpr...

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