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Pandora CFO talks about iTunes Radio, new markets

With Apple's iTunes Radio being a latecomer to the world of streaming internet radio, it's not surprising that the executives of streaming leader Pandora would not be happy with the new competitor. CNET's Joan Solsman interviewed the CFO of Pandora, Mike Herring, and found that he feels that Pando...

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Testing iPhone 5 connection adapters with a Volkswagen

One of the immediate concerns of many Apple fans when the company announced the iPhone 5 and the Lightning connector was how the new connector would work with iPod/iPhone integration systems that are built into many cars. CNET Senior Editor Wayne Cunningham found that the iPhone 5 worked beauti...

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Comparing Thunderbolt to HDMI, USB and PCIe Cable

Monday's announcement that the new 9 and MacBook Pros come equipped with USB 3.0 ports was welcome news to Mac users, but an indication of a broader question in the minds of those same users -- which input/output port technology is the best? CNET's Steven Shankland took a look at four I/O techn...

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Nielsen: More people use tablets, smartphones while watching TV

A recent report from Nielsen shows that folks in the US and UK enjoy using their mobile devices while watching TV, while those in Germany and Italy prefer to do one thing at a time says a report in CNET. Up to 88 percent of US tablet owners and 86 percent of US smartphone owners use their d...

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51% of households in the US own something made by Apple

According to a new survey put together by CNET, over half of all households in America now contain something made by our favorite company in Cupertino. Over 55 million homes in this country own something that Apple makes (whether that be a computer, an iOS device, or an Apple TV), which means t...

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A global iPad network speed test

CNET used its global reach to test the iPad on several networks worldwide. They fired up the app and measured download speeds on Verizon Wireless's 4G LTE network in San Francisco, Vodafone's 3G network in London, M1's HSPA+ network in Singapore and Telstra's HSPA+ network in Sydn...

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iTunes Replay launch reportedly still far off

We've heard before that Apple may be working on a service for iTunes called "Replay," sort of a Netflix Watch Instantly-style service that lets you download and stream any movies or TV shows that you've purchased from iTunes. Obviously, with the iCloud infrastructure in place (and iTunes Match ...

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Microsoft hires linguist in 'App Store' dispute with Apple

CNET reports that in its fight to keep Apple from trademarking the name "App Store" for its own mobile marketplace, Microsoft has hired a linguist to testify that the phrase "app store" simply means a store that sells apps, and therefore it should not be used by Apple to talk about its own plat...

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MacBook Air rumored to receive June update to Sandy Bridge

The new MacBook Air models introduced in October of 2010 have been an amazing success for Apple. Not only were they cited as being responsible for a dramatic increase in Mac sales during Apple's first fiscal quarter for 2011, but the little MacBooks seem to be everywhere. At Macworld Expo last mont...

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Have you been to lately? If you try today, you'll be redirected to the CNET site, where you'll get a brief explanation that the venerable VersionTracker site is now a branded part of the CNET empire. VersionTracker Pro, a paid feature, will be discontinued after the current sub...

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TV exclusives taking movies off of iTunes?

Has your favorite movie gone missing from iTunes or Netflix lately? The reason could be television, says CNET -- apparently a slew of movies on iTunes and Netflix's streaming service have recently fallen prey to television exclusive agreements. With the onset of Apple TV and apps like Boxee making i...

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Two Apple VPs exit to -- you guessed it -- spend more time with family

According to a press release issued by Apple this morning, two Apple vice presidents are leaving the company for personal reasons, "as they devote more time to their young family." iPod division senior vice president Tony Fadell and his wife, Danielle Lambert, vice president of human resources, will...

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Apple, Psystar strike a deal

CNET and The Mac Observer noted a legal filing on Friday that suggested Apple and Psystar were looking to bypass the normal lawsuit process and enter a phase of private arbitration and mediation. The filing notes that Apple and Psystar will participate in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) pr...

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Due diligence on the Asus/Apple tablet rumor

We should probably have some due diligence on the latest rumors streaming around the Apple blogosphere, so here you go: CNET is claiming that Asus is helping Apple build a sweet new Tablet PC. This is just the latest in a long line of rumors about an ultraportable, and we've heard this so much by no...

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Leopard review rodeo

We've talked so much about Leopard already here at TUAW that I'd find it hard to believe you readers haven't decided yet whether you're ready to pick it up (or not), but just in case, here's a few concise reviews from around the 'net to let you know whether this is something you want or not. PC ...

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