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Tag: CS5

Adobe Photoshop Touch brings the flagship retouching app to the iPad 2

Adobe has finally gone and done it. An iPad version of Photoshop called Adobe Photoshop Touch is out for the iPad via the App Store. It's tremendously impressive and to a lesser degree a bit frustrating. Let's start with the good stuff, because there's plenty of it. Getting a sophisticated photo a...

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Adobe releases trio of Photoshop Touch Applications for the iPad

Adobe announced the immediate availability of its Photoshop Touch applications for the iPad. The three touch-friendly apps use the touchscreen of the iPad and interact with Photoshop CS5 on the desktop. The trio includes Adobe Color Lava for Photoshop, Adobe Eazel for Photoshop and Adobe Nav fo...

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Adobe Nav for iPad and Photoshop video demo

John Nack, Principal Product Manager at Adobe, posted a video demo of Adobe Nav for iPad on his blog Saturday morning. Adobe Nav is one of the first apps to showcase the new tablet integration features included with the software maker's upcoming Creative Suite version 5.5 (CS5.5). The video dem...

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Adobe Captivate joins Mac family

Along with the release of the CS5 suite, Adobe is delivering a new product to the Mac platform; Captivate 5 is shipping next month, both in a standalone version and as the anchor of the new eLearning Suite 2 bundle alongside Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop Extended, Soundbooth and Acrobat. Captivate l...

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Adobe: We won't spend any more time on Flash to iPhone features

Mike Chambers, Principal Product Manager for developer relations for the Flash Platform at Adobe, has informed Flash developers that Adobe is unlikely to make any further investment in Flash CS5's export to iPhone app functionality. Chambers says that while Flash CS5 will still export to the curr...

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Adobe CS5 launched, wallets everywhere cry out as one and are silenced

As with earlier versions, CS5 will come in different flavors. For the print media designer, there's Adobe CS5 Design Premium (US$1,899, upgrades from $599), which includes new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Catalyst and Professional, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Acrobat 9 Pro, and Br...

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Adobe admits Apple's no-Flash policy could hurt business

Adobe has filed its latest quarterly Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report, just one day after Apple previewed iPhone OS 4.0. In the document, Adobe outlines the risk that Apple's prohibition on Flash brings to the company. In the "Risk Factors" section of the filing, Adobe stated that exc...

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Adobe announces CS5 release date, second beta of Lightroom 3

Adobe has put up a counter, and announced a launch event for the release of Adobe Creative Suite 5 on April 12 at 11am EDT. Though little is known about the features of CS5, Adobe had previously announced that it will give Flash CS5 the features to allow devs to build Flash-based applications and...

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Photoshop CS4 64-bit in Windows, only 32-bit in OS X

Right after announcing the release of 64-bit support in the Lightroom 2 beta, Photoshop Senior Project Manager John Nack dropped a little bombshell on his blog, announcing that the next version of Photoshop (CS4) will be available in both 32- and 64-bit versions for Windows, but only a 32-bit versio...

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