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Apple responds to the Rite Aid, CVS debacle in a very 'Apple' way

Apple is a company of actions, not words. Even when Tim Cook takes the stage to talk about how great his company is, it's always about the here and now, not empty promises about the future. Apple's official response regarding the refusal of Rite Aid and CVS to support Apple Pay -- the company's ne...

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A closer look at CurrentC: The reason why CVS and Rite Aid are disabling Apple Pay support

Over the weekend, CVS disabled NFC support on its POS machines at all of its nationwide store locations, effectively blocking out support for NFC-based mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Wallet in the process. Together, CVS and Rite Aid are the first two stores who have taken pro...

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RiteAid and CVS disable Apple Pay in preparation for rival payment system CurrentC

According to The New York Times, both Rite Aid and CVS have disabled Apple Pay payments as an available mobile payments options. Rite Aid confirmed the move, while CVS has not responded to inquiries about the change, which was allegedly instituted this week according to consumer online reports. ...

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CVS also disabling support for Apple Pay

Last night, I was with a friend at CVS who was trying to pay for some items with Apple Pay. Oddly, the transaction couldn't be processed. This struck us as strange because Twitter had been abuzz with Apple Pay users indicating that the service has been working swimmingly at CVS. Next, we tried a c...

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Changes moves to 1.5, adds new features, gives TUAW readers a discount

Changes.app, the ultimate Mac application used to track changes in folders and text files, was recently updated to version 1.5. This new version easily integrates with Coda, Espresso, BBEdit, TextWrangler, and TextMate. When you launch Changes, you will be able to install plug-ins directly into tho...

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