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Show all Google Calendars on iOS and Mac

If you have been trying to get your Google Calendar to sync to your iOS device(s) or your Mac, but can't get all of your Google calendars to show up, I may have the answer: Unless you have a paid Google Apps account, use https://www.google.com/calendar/syncselect to select which calendars you want...

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Add tasks to productivity apps using Siri and CalDAV

Last month, Remember the Milk published a quick tutorial showing their customers how to use Siri's voice control with the Reminders app and CalDAV to send tasks to RTM. A slightly different Siri workaround can be used by iOS owners to send their tasks to other third-party to-do apps. All you need...

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Microsoft releases Office 2011 Service Pack 1

Office 2011 version 14.1 (Service Pack 1) is now available from Microsoft's website. As announced on April 6, the update includes a variety of improvements to the new Outlook for Mac, including built-in support for Apple's Sync Services which allows users to more easily synchronize Outlook data wi...

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Office 2011 Service Pack 1 due next week, improves Outlook compatibility

The upgrade from Microsoft Office 2008 to 2011 has not been without its drawbacks; for users of Entourage who moved to the all-new Outlook for Mac, in particular, there have been a few holes in the feature lineup. None of them are necessarily showstoppers, but the collection of odd omissions has g...

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Kerio integrates iPad into the corporate messaging and collaboration world

Kerio Technologies, Inc. is a major player in the enterprise messaging and collaboration software market, and the company's products are well-known in the Apple world. Their primary product, Kerio Connect 7, provides tools for corporate IT departments for email, calendaring, and group contact lists,...

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Mac 101: iCal calendar subscriptions

iCal has always been an elegant program. Though it has a "subscribe" function for public calendars, it hasn't always played nicely with other devices and other calendars. This limitation forced many a user to seek greener pastures elsewhere, like Google Calendar. Calendars created in Google's web ap...

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Google Calendar CalDAV/iCal syncing now official

Although the plumbing has been in place since the summer, it's always nice to have an official announcement, and now we do: Google has gone on the record with its support for CalDAV syncing from iCal to Google Calendar. You can now gracefully sync your editable Google calendars with your (Leopard-on...

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CalDAV support comes to Google Calendar

I'm a pretty big user of Google Calendar, because I like how I can automatically sync it with my BlackBerry. The problem for me has been that on my desktop, I really prefer iCal's interface. Syncing the two can be cumbersome. We've written about third-party programs that can sync iCal and gCal toget...

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Mozilla Sunbird 0.8 for Mac OS X

You hate Entourage, and you're not particularly fond of iCal. You've waited endlessly for Nighthawk, Contactizer Pro is too complicated, and you want a native app instead of using Google Calendar or another web calendar. And, since you're saving money for an iPhone 3G, you don't want to spend any m...

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Kerio MailServer 6.5 poised to replace Exchange

Kerio Technologies announced version 6.5 of the Kerio MailServer -- 2 years in the making -- yesterday. We talked about version 6 recently, but this is their largest update yet and clearly shows their readiness to take a bite out of the Microsoft Exchange market. With version 6.5, Kerio is providing...

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Leopard Watch: iCal with CalDAV

Apple's iCal Leopard page reveals that the upcoming Leopard version of iCal will support a subset of CalDAV, the distributed authoring and versioning calendar protocol. CalDAV allows collaborative creation and maintenance of shared calendars and events. With the new iCal, you won't have to send ar...

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