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Tag: CandyCrush

Candy Crush Saga passes 500m downloads, Bejeweled fans shake their heads

I won't play Candy Crush Saga -- mainly because it bothers me that Bejeweled never reached the same level of mainstream popularity -- but a lot of people do play it. Developer King revealed to The Telegraph that a whopping 500,000,000 have played the game across web and mobile platforms. The color...

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The power of free-to-play app pricing

"Free-to-play." For mobile gamers, those simple three words (often abbreviated as FTP) have a host of different meanings. For optimists, it means people can play high-quality games with little or no financial investment of their own. For others, it's a game-crippling inconvenience that ends up gett...

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Plants vs Zombies 2: First look

Right now, my iPad is my enemy. On it is Plants vs Zombies 2 (free, or more realistically, "free, but you are an IAP target waiting to be plucked repeatedly"), just released last night and since about 11PM yesterday, well, let's just say sleep and work went by the wayside. It's a funny kind of up...

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Candy Crush updates with new power-up, episodes. Still no counseling feature.

Warn your family; say goodbye to your coworkers; and contact your support system. Candy Crush has been updated with two new episodes of sticky exploding candy goodness. Take a trip up Pudding Pagoda to see if you can clear all the rows. Once you're done, head to Licorice Tower and ask yourself why...

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