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Panic's Candy Bar is now free, goes to Iconfactory

Panic has updated icon customization app CandyBar for compatibility with OS X 10.8, changed the price to free and handed it over to The Iconfactory. As the 'Factory workers point out, changes Apple has recently made to OS X security have hindered the app significantly. For that reason, it's no lo...

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Get into the Halloween spirit with a screen saver

With Halloween only a couple weeks away, it's time to get your Mac into the holiday spirit ... with a screen saver! The free Jack-o-Lantern screen saver from Killer Robots does just that -- without the mess of carving a pumpkin. It has over 25 pre-made designs, but you can also create your own pumpk...

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Anticipating Indiana Jones? Your Mac is, too

Forget WWDC, the iPhone App Store and the Apple Design Awards. The one thing we want to see this summer is the new Indiana Jones movie! We're sure some of you feel the same anticipation, so why not let your Mac in on the fun? The workers at The Iconfactory have launched their month-long tribute to D...

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Candybar 3.1.2 is ready to go

The developers at Panic have released CandyBar version 3.1.2. If you're unfamiliar, CandyBar 3 is a super simple and fun way to customize Mac OS X's icons and dock (Leopard required). Version 3 introduced some very cool features - like Pixadex integration - that make this killer app even cooler. Cha...

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Take a CandyBar 3 video tour

If you've ever used CandyBar before, you probably already grabbed version 3 when it was released the other day. But just in case you haven't seen it in action, Ged put together this great screencast of just how easy it makes controlling the look of your icons and Dock. I especially love the icons i...

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Use (almost) Leopard's SysPref icon

If you're at all like me, you didn't wait for too long after the last Stevenote to scour the Internet for that "blades of grass" Leopard wallpaper, just so you too could pretend it was October already and you were using 10.5. Those of you out there (I have no idea how many of you there are-- we're a...

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Roundup of 10 Mac OS X UI modification apps

Mac OS X's Aqua UI is a mighty purty thing, what with its oh-so-slightly transparent menus, gun metal finish and lickable blue dialog buttons. But what if you want to mold the look of the Mac OS to your bidding or apply a new theme? We've blogged about the likes of ShapeShifter and CandyBar here at ...

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Candybar 2.6 is available

Earlier today, The Iconfactory and Panic made Candybar version 2.6 available for download. I just love this app. With Candybar, you can easily (and safely) change your Mac's system icons, but it doesn't end there. Just drag any application onto the "App Extras" well and alter any of its as...

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