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Tag: CardGame

Graeme Devine takes off with Rocket Patrol

Graeme Devine is a veteran game developer (he created The 7th Guest and then worked on Quake 3 and Halo Wars) who's turned his attention to iOS recently, putting together touch-based games meant for gamers of all ages. His latest title, which I got to see at GDC 2013 last week, is a board/card ...

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SolForge preview gets an update, with new decks to play

SolForge is an interesting iOS card game that keeps getting even more intriguing. The game, which is being made by a company called StoneBlade Entertainment (formerly Gary Games, the gang behind the great Ascension), earned a nice chunk of change on Kickstarter a while ago, and then saw a free ...

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Daily iPad App: Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil is simple but excellent deck-building action

Playdek is a developer that's caught my eye recently. They're the folks behind what I think are the best card games on the App Store, including the great Ascension (which Gary Games, now called StoneBlade Entertainment, actually designed but Playdek brought to iOS), as well as the excellent Nig...

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A trio of trailers: Vectrex Regeneration, Baldur's Gate Enhanced and Poker Knight

Well, it happened -- Thanksgiving was last week, Cyber Monday is today and from here on out, we are neck deep in the holiday season. This time of year is particularly busy on the App Store, as various game developers try to get their best products out during the holiday rush, taking advantage o...

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Daily iPhone App: Summoner Wars is a complicated mix of virtual board and card game

I took a trip down to Tampa Bay, Fla., for my sister's wedding last week, and before I headed for the airport, I loaded up my iPhone and iPad with a few new apps to check out on the way. Honestly, Fieldrunners 2 HD ended up taking most of my gaming time, but Summoner Wars was a very impressive ...

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Magic 2013 brings (the Xbox version of) Magic to the iPad

The iPad is ideal for card games -- its size and wonderfully inviting touch screen makes it excellent for representing physical cards on a digital device. That's why, back when the iPad was first introduced, one of the most popular apps was a simple deck of cards, a virtual set of graphics that...

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Daily iPad App: Fairway Solitaire

Big Fish Games has been producing Mac and PC titles for a while, and we've chronicled a few of their iOS outings here on TUAW. The company has long tried to bring its own flavor of casual gaming to iOS with some success (mostly in hidden object games). Today, I can say this about Fairway Solitaire...

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Daily iPhone App: Brawl

Ben Brode is a game designer at Blizzard Entertainment who has created an iOS card game called Brawl (we're still waiting for iOS games from Blizzard, by the way). Brawl is actually based on a real card game, and unlike most turn-based card games, this one's played in real time (similar to Spoo...

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Review: Mü app proves that deep, real card games can thrive on the iPhone

Fans of light, mindless card games should not download Mü [$2.99]. There are plenty of thought-like time-killers in the App Store. Go play one of those. Mu, on the other hand, is a complicated (in a good way) game with a medium-high learning curve that should manage to entertain gamers for quit...

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Review: Reiner Knizia's Topas

We don't mind it when iPhone versions of board games differ from their realspace counterparts, but the Topas app ($2.99) takes the basic ideas behind Reiner Knizia's 2009 game Topas and twists them into a mash-up of Tetris, the standard line-up-three-of-a-kind video games, and dominoes. The dominoes...

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Review: Set card game on the iPhone is oh so close to the perfect puzzle app

The idea behind Set, the now-classic card/puzzle game, can be mind-numbingly difficult to explain. Some people just can't wrap their heads around the "all the same or all different concept." Of course, some people get it right away. For both types, the new Set app [$2.99] for the iPhone and iPod tou...

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