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Why not: A Mac mini inside an Apple Disk ][ enclosure

During last night's talkcast, we debated the validity of the most recent Mac mini rumors. I was in the "No Way" camp. I'm sure there's a new mini in the works, but I don't think that's it. At least, the machine depicted in that video isn't what will be offered to customers. I mean ... five USB ports...

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The BlackBoard Pro

Here's the situation. You're sitting with a friend when she gives you some great information that you want to write down. Or, you want to share something with her, but your Mac is not running, and it seems like a hassle to wait for it to boot just to complete that simple exchange. What's a nerd to d...

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MacMod '07 has begun

Each August, we anticipate the start of the MacMod Challenge, a time for case modders to compete for bragging rights and glory (among other prizes). Last year's entries included the iMac mini LCD and the Tonka iMac. In fact, did the 2005 challenge produce the first iMac with "Intel inside?" The list...

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