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Rovio's Amazing Alex arrives this week

Rovio has obviously had a ton of success (the most success on the App Store, arguably) with Angry Birds, but the company hasn't done much outside of that brand since it launched. That's all going to change later on this week, when Amazing Alex arrives as the first non-Angry Birds followup from ...

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Rovio rebranding Casey's Contraptions as "Amazing Alex"

We're hearing a little more every day about Rovio's next big mobile title. Originally, we thought that the game would be a truly original release, but that's not quite the case: The company has instead bought the rights to Casey's Contraptions, a really excellent iOS title that came out last ye...

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Confirmed: Rovio acquires rights to Casey's Contraptions

Rovio's Ville Heijari has confirmed the rumor we heard yesterday is true, and Rovio is taking over the iOS Casey's Contraptions title from developers Noel Llopis and Miguel A. Friginal. We're still not sure what the exact business agreement is, but it sounds like an acquisition of all rights as...

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Rumor: Rovio's new game is Casey's Contraptions

148Apps has done a little bit of digging, and has possibly discovered what Angry Birds creators Rovio are up to next. Rovio recently released a thank you/teaser video for a full billion Angry Birds downloads, and in the very end of that video, a character appears: It's a younger kid, with some ...

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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Casey's Contraptions

I won't mince words here: I've seen and played a lot of iOS games, and when I first saw Casey's Contraptions back at GDC this year (which is out today for the first time on the iPad), I thought it was the most impressive iOS game I'd ever seen. The Incredible Machine is what jumps to mind to ...

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