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Apple shuts down iPod-themed baby clothes shop

Apple has sent a shut down notice to an online retailer that sold iPod-themed baby clothes. Website ipopmybaby has been selling onesies and other baby clothes adorned with Apple's signature iPod click wheel or the iPhone home screen for the past several years. The clothes are adorable and re...

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GetJar responds to Apple's cease and desist over App Store term

It's come out this week that Apple sent a letter last month to mobile application database GetJar asking them to cease and desist using the term "App Store" to describe their mobile app offerings. Apple's been trying to keep the term "App Store" for itself, with varying degrees of success, and ...

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No comment: Steve Jobs in Carbonite

Did you ever wonder what happens when the reality distortion field meets Star Wars? You get these cool/cheesy/ready-for-cease-and-desist Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone skins and cases from Society6. Until the Apple lawyers get ahold of this and breathily note "I am altering our agreement. Pray ...

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iHub 2 cease and desist notice issued: We called it

Well, color me unsurprised. Remember the TUAW post from Tuesday about M.I.C Gadget's iHub 2, which is a small 4-port USB hub that features a cool glowing Apple logo? In that post, M.I.C Gadget's iHub 2 looks like Apple lawsuit bait, I conjectured that it wouldn't take too long for Apple's legal...

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M.I.C Gadget's iHub 2 looks like Apple lawsuit bait

M.I.C Gadget, the same website that brought the world the Steve Jobs action figure that was quickly given a cease and desist notice, is back for more potential legal fun. This time, they've come up with a very cool 4-port USB 2.0 hub. It doesn't matter how many USB ports you have on your Mac ...

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Apple spanks adult "app store" MiKandi with a cease-and-desist

This appears to be Apple's month to legally pursue anyone using the term "app store" to describe a virtual marketplace that sells ... apps. Amazon was the most visible target to receive the wrath of the Cupertino lawyers when it was the recipient of a complaint from Apple about using the trademar...

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Unofficial Lemmings for iPhone gets C&D

Developer Aaron Ardiri pulled off the crazy feat last week of porting the classic Lemmings game from Palm OS not only to the iPhone, but also to Windows and the Mac ... in just 36 hours. That's 36 hours straight -- he liveblogged the whole process, and did actually pull it off, sending the iPhone...

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Apple to Pivotal: Take the 'pod' out of Podium

Apple has issued a cease and desist letter to Pivotal, creators of Podium, a hands-free iPhone stand - namely over the use of the word "Pod" in Podium. An excerpt from the cease and desist letter provided to TUAW states that "The term POD has also been adopted and used extensively in the marketpl...

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