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Sprint confirms unlimited data for iPhones, but not so fast

Just in case you missed the news at the end of the conference yesterday, the rumors are all true: Sprint is indeed carrying the iPhone 4S, and a spokesperson for the company confirms Sprint will offer an unlimited data plan for iPhone users. That means if you were one of the many users (myself ...

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T-Mobile: Over 1 million iPhones on the U.S. network

T-Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman has posted a message on the company's official blog about Apple's iPhone of all things. He says that customers have asked the service provider for the iPhone on the T-Mobile service, which of course isn't yet possible through official channels. Bu...

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LVL Patent Group sues Apple and others over cell phone technology patents

Apple is the target of yet another patent lawsuit, this time filed by a company named LVL Patent Group, who claims that Apple and other cellphone companies are violating up to four generic patents they have the rights to. The patents revolve around transferring data and using various devices fo...

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Report: FCC official doubts AT&T + T-Mobile deal will sail through

An unnamed FCC official told the Wall Street Journal this week that "there's no way the chairman's office rubber-stamps" the recently announced merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA. The official didn't go into further details, but said that the organization hadn't even begun preliminary res...

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iPhone 101: Save extensions in Contacts

Having friends with an office job in the typical corporate environment often times means having to dial a desk phone with an extension. As Lifehacker points out, this usually results in having to memorize a contact's direct extension for use after dialing the office's main line. The difficulty comes...

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AT&T rated worst cell phone provider by Consumer Reports

Remember when Consumer Reports couldn't recommend the iPhone 4? Well, now Consumer Reports has released the results of a satisfaction survey which shows that according to over 50,000 of their readers, AT&T is the lowest-scoring cell phone carrier in the United States. In fact, AT&T scored a ...

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Beautiful retro handset base for the iPhone

It's the weekend, which seems like the perfect time for a groovy retro item like this one. The iRetrofone is a handset base for the iPhone that brings an old-school aesthetic to your new-school touchscreen cell phone. We've seen cool handsets before, but this one goes all the way. Any iPhone can si...

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AT&T on iPad 3G data: We can handle it

You probably had exactly the same response I did when you heard that AT&T would be handling the 3G data plan for the iPad: "Them again?" Sure, the deal is much better, and it's completely optional (you can get the iPad without 3G if you don't want it at all), but still: AT&T? Hasn't Apple h...

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Best iPhone cellular plan... ever?

I like to joke that "Iowa is a great place to live, but I wouldn't want to visit." Residents often complain that there's nothing to do (other than milk cows and shuck corn). One can only stand so much antiquing. But we do have a few things going for us: clean air, relatively light traffic, lots of ...

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Get out of your current cell contract

Thank you, Wired. The #1 hindering factor in purchasing an iPhone -- at least for most people I know -- is that they're mired in contracts with other, lesser-blessed carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile. And often cancellation fees are steep, too steep to warrant a cancellation just (hah, just) to buy ...

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TUAW Guide: Wireless Broadband on your Mac

Ah, the open road. What's more American than being mobile, drifting along the highways and byways, traveling hither and yon, free as a debt-laden bird? While I try to rein in that derailed train of road metaphor, let's consider the options for Mac users and wireless data. Many of you would love to t...

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ROKR E6: No iTunes

The last Motorola iTunes-enabled ROKR phone ships this month according to Engadget. New ROKRs, currently available in Hong Kong, ship with SD card support and onboard Bluetooth but no iTunes integration. The ROKR will support MP3, MPEG4, AAC+, WAV and Real Audio. RealPlayer replaces iTunes on the p...

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Concrete iPhone info?

Looks like we might finally have some reliable information regarding the specifics of the long rumored iPhone. MacRumors has posted a description provided by a "reliable source" of the upcoming device as well as an artists rendition of what the phone might look like. Judge for yourselv...

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SoonR client for the Mac

SoonR allows you to connect to your computer (PC or Mac) and look at files, emails, and appointments via a cell phone that can connect to the web. Today SoonR has released a beta of their client for OS X. The coolest thing about this client, in my opinion, is that you can do a Spotlight search on yo...

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iTunes RAZR Coming to US

True to form, looks like the good ol' US is again going to be late to the party when it comes to cellphones. The Motorola RAZR V3i, which has been available in the United Kingdom for months, is rumored to be hitting American shores some time soon. MacNN got its grubby little hands on some newly rele...

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