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Intuit buys Cha-Ching after hiring developers

We've been pretty big fans of Cha-Ching, both the OS X app and the iOS version, over the years. Turns out Intuit liked the app a lot, too -- the financial juggernaut has acquired Cha-Ching and its code after hiring the app's developers a little while back. The website currently points to both Quick...

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TUAW First Look: Cha-Ching Touch

Several years ago, I had a simple but wonderful checkbook app for my Palm. It was nothing more than money in and money out with some simple categorization (food, clothing, automotive, etc.). In other words, an electric alternative to a checkbook. Since I don't really write checks anymore, I no longe...

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Sneak peek look at Cha-Ching for iPhone

Many Mac users have been using Cha-Ching to manage their bank accounts for some time. The guys at Midnight Apps are at it again, and this time their money management software is on the iPhone. Just like the Mac version, Cha-Ching mobile allows you to create multiple account and manage your budget, ...

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