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Security researcher Charlie Miller finds serious bug in iOS

Security expert and Mac hacker Charlie Miller has uncovered an issue in iOS that would allow an app, downloaded from the App Store, to install and run malicious code on a device from a remote computer. The flaw, which Miller reportedly did upload to the App Store and got past Apple's security c...

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Charlie Miller discusses iOS security and MacBook battery hacking with Tom's Hardware

Charlie Miller is a household name for those interested in Mac and iOS security. He was the first to hack the iPhone back in 2007, is a Pwn2Own veteran, and recently uncovered a battery firmware hack he'll discuss at the upcoming Black Hat 2011 Conference. Miller recently sat down with Tom's Ha...

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Several Apple notebook models susceptible to battery hack

Security researcher Charlie Miller discovered a potential vulnerability affecting the batteries within select MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. The firmware on the chipset that controls the battery is secured with a single, easy to break default password. Once a hacker has this passw...

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New trojan MusMinim-A written for Mac OS X

On Saturday, information security firm Sophos reported a new "backdoor Trojan" designed to allow remote operations and password "phishing" on systems running Mac OS X. The author of the Trojan refers to his or her work as "BlackHole RAT" and claims the malware is still in beta. Indeed, Sophos, w...

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