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Tag: CharlieRose

Larry Ellison seems to think Apple has a bleak future without Steve Jobs

In an interview that is set to air today, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison tells Charlie Rose that he believes Apple does not have a bright future without Steve Jobs. In a brief clip that has been released early, Rose asks Ellison about Apple's future. Ellison replies: "Well, we already know. We saw -- ...

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Mark Zuckerberg discusses Steve Jobs with Charlie Rose

PBS talk show host Charlie Rose recently interviewed Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg. The trio talked about a variety of topics including political policy, the engineering shortage and the goals of the Facebook platform. Of interest to Apple fans is a few short minutes that Z...

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Found Footage: Charlie Rose hosts iPad chat club

In case you missed it last week, PBS top gab guy Charlie Rose (no relation) hosted a roundtable discussion about the latest product from Steve & co. on his show, featuring the NYT's David Carr, 'Uncle' Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch founder/would-be tablet impresario...

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Our favorite Charlie Rose caption is...

Yesterday, we pointed out the story of Charlie Rose and his MacBook Air. Just in case you missed it, Charlie was walking along the Manhattan streets with his MacBook Air. He tripped and instinctively saved the Air... and kissed the pavement. That night, he did his show with one heck of a shiner. We ...

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Found Footage: Steve Wozniak on Charlie Rose

The Woz, how can you not love the guy? He's like your favorite uncle, who just never quite grew up. Well back in January he appeared on Charlie Rose, presumably as part of publicity for his book, iWoz. They discuss a variety of interesting topics, including Apple and the other Steve. According to Wo...

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