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Why replacing newspaper photographers with iPhones may not have been the best idea

At the beginning of June the Chicago Sun-Times fired its entire photography staff. Their reasoning? Well, all the reporters now have iPhones, and therefore they can shoot photos to accompany stories. Ignoring for a moment what this says about the Sun-Times' view of the photojournalists, how is that ...

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Walgreens employees use iPads to aid customers

The next time you visit your local Walgreens store to get a prescription, find pain relief, choose laxatives or buy "Walker Balls," you may get help from an iPad-toting Walgreens employee called a "health guide." Walgreens, based in Deerfield, IL, is testing a new service in 16 stores in the ...

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Andy Ihnatko: iPad is pure innovation, one of best computers ever

Uncle Walt has weighed in, and most of the other big tech pundits are starting to weigh in on the Apple iPad. The Chicago Sun Times columnist and Mac geek extraordinaire Andy Ihnatko has offered his input, not only in the first of what he says will be many posts about the device, but also in an inte...

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