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Accessibility Spotlight: One Switch. One Head. The World.

Over the years, Apple has consistently followed through on its strong commitment to accessibility in the development of new technologies and products. We at TUAW have a diverse community of both writers and readers, and we use many assistive technology features in our day-to-day lives. We appre...

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Chris Pirillo's 50 reasons to switch

It's a quiet day at TUAW headquarters (located in scenic Ann Arbor, MI) -- Monday is a holiday here in the USA, in honor of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, two leaders in times of dramatic change. Speaking of change, how many signs and wonders do you need to know that there's a major Mac migrati...

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Chris Pirillo on why Vista will only help increase Apple's market share

Chris Pirillo is the quintessential Windows fanboy. Why then does he make such a strong case that Apple will only be aided by Microsoft's Vista? In the current issue of Computer Power User, Chris nails Microsoft on all the reasons Microsoft's current and upcoming offerings are simply too little, too...

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