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Apple's new Berlin store will open in upscale Kurf├╝rstendamm

Two different German Mac news sites report that Apple's latest store in Berlin will be placed in the Kurfürstendamm section of the city, an upscale shopping avenue that houses big fashion store name hotels and nice restaurants. That sounds about right for an Apple store. Both iFun and Macerkopf...

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Apple Store offline... and back up with no changes

Yup, the US store is down. Couldn't tell you why just yet, but if you really wanted to buy that new MacBook Air this evening, you'll have to wait until it comes back up. When we see something new, we'll post about it here -- or just stay tuned to the comments on this post! What could it be? A Ma...

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Found Footage: Using an iPhone and a movie theatre to propose marriage

Wow! These days, it seems, if you're going to propose, popping the question needs to be done in a super creative, ultra romantic fashion. Gone are the days of proposing to your love after a few drinks at the local pub or after a few too many at a New Years Eve party (Both proposals I know of, both...

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Rain Design's iMac turntable sends the iMac for a spin

iMacs are great, except when you have one sitting with its back to a wall and you need to plug something into the back of it. Particularly with the larger models, you end up having to pick up the iMac and swing it around to get to those ports on the back. Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you could jus...

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Inside the new 27-inch iMac

You know by now that once Apple announces a new piece of hardware, it's only a matter of time before someone gets their hands on one only to rip it up and tear every little piece out to see what's in there. And that's exactly what iFixit did with the brand new iMac -- most of us would kill to get ...

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Hands on With RunPee for iPhone

One movie. One iPhone. One app. One blogger. That was the scenario last night when I put RunPee for iPhone to the test. Available from Rock Software (iTunes Link) for $0.99, RunPee lets you know which points in a given movie that are safe to miss. When word of this app first hit TUAW, it inspired a ...

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LG signs 5-year contract with Apple for displays

LG has won a five-year contract to provide LCDs for Apple, Inc. According to Softpedia, Apple wanted LG's LCD and next-generation OLED displays for not only notebooks and Cinema Displays, but for iPhones and iPods as well. LG will receive a deposit of US$500 million to begin work under the contract....

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Apple discontinues 23" Cinema Display

While some of us are waiting to purchase the new 24" LED Cinema Display, Apple has quietly pulled the old 23" Cinema Display from the online store. Apple is still selling the 20" and 30" Cinemas, but they have put the words "Ships: Discontinued" on the 23" model. I'm sure these are very sad words fo...

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Apple LED Displays shipping soon

Last night, some eagle-eyed readers noticed that Apple has changed the shipping status for the LED Cinema Displays. Previously, the status said "Coming Soon," but as of last night it says "Ships in 7-10 Business Days." However, the option to buy is still not available on the Apple Store page. I ...

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New Cinema Displays finally arrive with iSight cameras, MagSafe connectors

In a move that surprised everybody and nobody simultaneously, Apple has released a brand-new 24-inch LED Cinema Display to spruce up the languishing product line. In addition to a new form factor that brings their look in line with newer iMacs (and now the new MacBook and MacBook Pro models announce...

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Rumor: New Cinema displays at Macworld '09?

MacRumors speculates on the possibility of Apple releasing updated Cinema displays at next year's Macworld Expo. According to the post, the new displays could incorporate the LED backlight technology that Apple has started building into their 15" MacBook Pros. MacRumors notes that LED backlit displ...

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Mocked-up Cinema display taunts us with an update

Are we going to see new Cinema displays by the end of the month? If so, they might look like this-- it's a nice-looking mockup posted by Ben over on the redrant forums. It is interesting that Cinema displays are almost starting to match up to the Beatles as the one thing we hope to get from Apple ...

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Shawn Blanc interviews Brent Simmons

Brent Simmons, creator of the beloved NetNewsWire RSS app, is a talkative guy. We've chatted with him quite a few times about various Mac issues, and late last week he gave another interview to Shawn Blanc over at his website. The interview is mostly about NetNewsWire-- the inspiration for its var...

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Apple founders film released as DRM-free download

TUAW reader Steve pointed us to this article about "In Search of Silicon Valley". It's a film about a trio (Steve O'Hear, Fleeta Siegel and Selwyn George) who travels from London to Silicon Valley, tracks down Apple pioneers Woz, Hertzfeld, Raskin, and Kawasaki as well as other net luminaries like ...

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Apple slashes Cinema display prices, too

A number of observant TUAW readers have also noticed that Apple has (quietly) slashes Cinema display prices with the introduction of the Mac Pro. There were rumors of Cinema updates before WWDC, but it seems that Apple simply wanted to give our pocketbooks a break with the $500 increase in the Mac P...

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