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TwelveSouth defies gravity with HiRise for iMac and Cinema Display

Pop quiz: What's holding up your iMac? As handsome as the metal foot design may be, many deskbound Mac mavens eventually find that the fixed-height screen position isn't quite high enough for comfortable ergonomics. In my experience, the same goes for the Cinema Display -- up until yesterday, m...

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Saks interactive storefront features 64 iPads

The Saks 5th Avenue store in New York and have teamed up to create an interactive storefront display made up of 64 iPad 2s and 18 27" Cinema Displays in order to celebrate Fashion's Night Out. The three-window display was conceived and built by Gin Lane Media and uses a custom buil...

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A roundup of hardware news, Wed 7/20: Thunderbolt, MacBook Air, Mac mini

In typical Apple epic poem fashion, the Apple Store went down early this AM and came back up shortly thereafter with new goodies -- and one valiant missing hero of days gone by. First we saw the Thunderbolt-equipped Cinema Displays which were inadvertently leaked earlier this week. Then we ...

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Apple Cinema Display page undergoing maintenance, suggests refresh imminent (Update: No)

After images of a new Apple Cinema Display leaked earlier, we're now seeing that the Apple Store page for the product is undergoing some kind of maintenance. Instead of the normal product shot on the Displays and Graphics page, there's a picture of a cardboard box with a shipping label attached, ...

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Apple images reveal new Thunderbolt Cinema Display coming soon

Images leaked on Apple's own servers have revealed that the company is set to unveil new Thunderbolt-equipped LED Cinema Displays. The images were first discovered by MacRumors and show a Cinema Display with the galaxy wallpaper from the upcoming OS X 10.7 Lion. The URL of one of the images als...

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Release of Apple's 27" LED Cinema Display appears to be imminent

If you're holding out for Apple's new 27" LED Cinema Display, the wait might not be all that much longer. Back in July, the 27" model was announced with a September release date. Being that it's mid September, folks have been getting a little anxious with no sign of the new model, until now. 9to5...

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Apple releases new 27-inch LED Cinema Display

At long last, Apple has updated the Cinema Display line with a new 27-inch LED model that will ship later this year. With its 2560 x 1440 resolution, your pixels will enjoy 60% more elbow room than on the 24-inch LED model. In addition to the extra real estate, this model offers an iSight camera,...

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27-inch Cinema Display, 12-core Mac Pro by June

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is preparing to launch a 27-inch Cinema Display and 12-core Mac Pro by June. The 27-inch Cinema Display is rumored to use the same panel as the one used in the 27-inch iMac and will look similar to the 24-inch Cinema Display launched in October 2008. Intern...

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Rain Design's iMac turntable sends the iMac for a spin

iMacs are great, except when you have one sitting with its back to a wall and you need to plug something into the back of it. Particularly with the larger models, you end up having to pick up the iMac and swing it around to get to those ports on the back. Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you could jus...

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TUAW Review and giveaway: BackPack for iMac and Cinema Display

Way back in August we announced the release of the Twelve South BackPack for iMacs and Cinema Displays. It's a cool little metal shelf that clamps onto the back of the desk stand on your computer or monitor, giving you a place to hide a backup hard drive or proudly display the best of your Star Wars...

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A BackPack for your iMac or Cinema Display

iMac or Cinema Display owners with limited desktop space have a new way of keeping Time Machine hard disks, USB hubs, and other space hogs off the desk and out of the way. Twelve South, a Mac-only accessory design house located in Charleston, South Carolina, has just introduced the BackPack (US$2...

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Blinded by the light? RadTech's ClearCal may save your eyes

Since Apple made the design decision to forgo glare-free screens on MacBooks, iMacs, and Cinema Displays, a common problem for lots of users is reflection of light off of displays. It seems to be particularly bad if you sit with your back to a window, and it can cause both figurative and literal hea...

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The case of the missing monitor

The e-mails have been arriving here at TUAW headquarters for a good portion of the morning with many asking the same question: "What happened to the 20-inch Cinema Display?" It's true. A check of the direct link to the 20-inch Cinema Display's page reroutes you directly to the main Apple page. The p...

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LED Cinema Displays now available

Apple's LED Cinema Displays, announced at a special event in October, are finally available on the Apple Store online, and at Apple retail locations, which should make Cory happy. The LED Cinema Display, which is more suitable as a laptop docking station more than another monitor for your desktop Ma...

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Apple discontinues 23" Cinema Display

While some of us are waiting to purchase the new 24" LED Cinema Display, Apple has quietly pulled the old 23" Cinema Display from the online store. Apple is still selling the 20" and 30" Cinemas, but they have put the words "Ships: Discontinued" on the 23" model. I'm sure these are very sad words fo...

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