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iSight prices on eBay skyrocket - will there be an encore?

Apple's stand-alone FireWire iSight may have recently gone end-of-life, but people's interest in the devices is still going strong, so sayeth eBay. While the iSight's retail price was $129, I'm seeing actual bids ranging from $152 all the way up to $280 as of this writing, with Buy It Now sellers br...

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Forget the faster Mac, get a bigger monitor

Don't waste your money on a new Mac if you are looking to upgrade, just get yourself a huge monitor. That's Paul Boutin's theory, and I agree. Computers now a days are pretty much powerful enough to handle whatever the regular user throws at them (I'm not talking about pro users like video editors a...

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Apple drops display prices, ups specs

We've already blogged about the price drop on the Apple displays earlier today, but what we didn't mention was that you now get more for less (at least where the 20 and 23 inch monitors are concerned). What am I talking about? Both the 20 and 23 inch screens have the same contrast ratio as the 30 i...

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The "Duh" factor: glossy, iSight Cinema Displays up next

Saw this on digg: Dennis Sellers, a writer over at Macsimum News writes: "Now that the MacBook Pro, MacBook and iMacs all have built-in iSights, it makes sense for Apple to revamp its display line and include the same feature" and "if such updated monitors are in the works, it will be interesting to...

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How many dead pixels are too many dead pixels?

Ed Foster is on a mission to end dead pixels, or at least to figure out what company's policies are in regards to them. His latest post concerns Apple and where they stand on the dead pixel issue. Specifically, how many dead pixels do you need to have on your screen before Apple will replace it. Tur...

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