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Tag: CloudComputing

A look at apps with waiting lists

The way we look at new app launches is changing thanks to the cloud. Rather than a full-scale launch that invites everyone to download and try an app, developers are rolling out their apps slowly, opting for a waiting list that meters access to a service. Several high profile apps recently used th...

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Apple files plans for Oregon data center

The Apple Oregon data center is moving closer to reality. Apple has filed formal plans with the city of Prineville, and it looks like Apple will build a 500,000-square-foot facility. It's likely the data center will serve the Apple app stores and iCloud. The plan shows two buildings with more t...

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Apple looking to build data center in Reno

All of Apple's iCloud initiatives need data centers -- big ones -- and the company has announced plans to build a new facility near Sparks, Nevada, just a short toss of a poker chip east of Reno. That's not all Apple is planning to do in Northern Nevada. There are also plans to build a busine...

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Apple sued for trademark infringement over iCloud name

iCloud Communications, LLC of Arizona is suing Apple for trademark infringement. The company claims Apple's use of the word iCloud is damaging to its business. According to the lawsuit, iCloud offers cloud computing products and services, telecommunication services, video conferencing and other...

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iWork gets SaaS-y with Documents in the Cloud

Apple detailed its cloud service and released some new features that begin to rival Google Docs and Microsoft 365. Say hello to Apple's new Documents in the Cloud feature that lets you sync documents in the cloud and share them across devices. If you are editing on the iPad, you can save the do...

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Microsoft notes how Office 365 will benefit Apple customers

Business people are increasingly accessing files stored in the "cloud," and Microsoft wants in on the action. A new suite of online tools called Office 365, still in beta, is meant to appeal to those users. A recent post on the Office 365 Blog describes how the service will benefit Apple customers...

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Second source suggests Apple purchased icloud domain

Earlier this week, we reported on a circulating rumor that suggested Apple bought the domain name. Today, All Things Digital added to that rumor with a report of its own. According to AllThingsD, "sources in position to know" have confirmed to them that Apple did buy the d...

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Rumor: Apple might have bought

GigaOm is reporting that Sweden-based cloud storage company Xcerion has just sold its domain name for US$4.5 million and that the likely buyer is none other than Apple. Xcerion had previously sold a cloud-based storage service called iCloud, but it's been rebranded as CloudMe after t...

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Apple has the "least green" data centers

Apple has come in last place among a list of tech companies in the latest Greenpeace tech report How Dirty is Your Data? [PDF]. While Apple has made some pretty big strides over the last few years in trying to eliminate environmentally unfriendly chemicals from its products, Apple placed last in t...

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MobileMe boxed copies going away

Apple is reportedly informing third-party resellers that boxed versions of MobileMe are now discontinued. Retailers can continue to sell their existing inventory, but supplies will not be replenished. This latest information falls in line with earlier rumors that suggest Apple may offer MobileMe ...

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Apple issues survey to MacBook Air owners, mentions 3G

Apple is sending out surveys to MacBook Air owners that hint at 3G connectivity and other hardware changes for its popular notebook. The survey queries current owners about their interest in wireless 3G connectivity as well as the customer's usage of web-based data storage services on the MacBook A...

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Apple working on major revamp of MobileMe, could be free

On the eve of the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, the Wall Street Journal online tech section ran a short post discussing a new, less-expensive iPhone that is apparently in the works (and all but confirmed by the Wall Street Journal). The timing of the post was impeccable -- b...

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Analyst: The Mac isn't done growing yet

Granted, I probably could have told you this news without hiring a think tank, but now we know for sure; there is still plenty of room for Apple to continue to grow. With Apple's market cap now larger than Walmart's and market research firm IDC reporting that growth continued to expand in 2009, this...

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Greenpeace 'unappy' with iPad cloud

Oh, Greenpeace. We thought you and Apple were buddies again. How fragile friendship can be. The iPad's tenuous association with cloud computing has prompted the environmental group to criticize Apple for a carbon footprint that's "...much larger than previously estimated." The concern is that the...

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Macworld 2010: Microsoft's MacBU talks Office for Mac 2011

The next version of Microsoft's Office suite, slated for arrival during the fourth quarter of 2010, has a new name, enhanced functionality, and even a more streamlined look. TUAW met with members of the Microsoft Mac Business Unit (MacBU) on Thursday to hear how the developers of Office for Mac are...

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