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New section of the App Store lets you Try Before You Buy

Apple seems to be taking a step towards trying to combat app piracy, while making App Store customers happier about their purchases. A new section in the App Store touts the free, "Lite" versions of many popular apps. These versions have been around for a while and have always been free, but this...

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CoPilot live is updated and continues 30 day free trial offer

A new version of CoPilot Live enhances and fixes a lot of issues in the previous versions. According to the company, the app now includes improved guidance at complex intersections, Facebook status updates, free local search, and the latest maps of North America. More than 15,000 miles of roads hav...

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CoPilot Live now offers almost complete nav app for free

ALK Technologies, the creators of CoPilot Live, have released a free version of their navigation app with some catches. The free version, called CoPilot Directions [iTunes link] has turn-by-turn navigation, trip planning and 2D maps. You can download the whole map database over Wi-Fi (not via iTu...

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