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Tag: CoPilot Live

Great GPS navigation deals for holiday travelers

As the holidays approach we're seeing some very tempting prices on navigation apps for the iPhone. Here are some deals worth considering if you've been waiting for price drops. My favorite app, from Navigon is on sale Black Friday only. The USA version drops to $29.99 from the regular $49.99. The My...

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CoPilot GPS nav app adds ActiveTraffic

ALK Technologies today is releasing a new version of the CoPilot Live app with a feature called ActiveTraffic. It uses real time traffic flow information that mates with dynamic routing technology to get you to your destination by selecting alternate routes, then accurately estimating your new arriv...

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CoPilot live is updated and continues 30 day free trial offer

A new version of CoPilot Live enhances and fixes a lot of issues in the previous versions. According to the company, the app now includes improved guidance at complex intersections, Facebook status updates, free local search, and the latest maps of North America. More than 15,000 miles of roads hav...

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CoPilot Live adding free in-app search

The makers of CoPilot Live North America are including free search from within its iPhone app. Previously the search function was a premium add-on. CoPilot Live is $34.99 with most of the features users expect, like turn by turn voice directions, 2D and 3D driving views and U.S. plus Canada Maps...

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Nav apps keep updating, adding features

Today it's CoPilot live, continuing a holiday sale price of U.S. $24.99 [iTunes link] through the end of December. We've had a look at the app before. It is good for a low-cost app, but the database seems a bit out of date and the POI list is limited. The new version adds live traffic, local search ...

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CoPilot Live for iPhone updates features and maps

We're seeing a lot of updates to navigation applications, and the latest is for the CoPilot Live app [iTunes link] for the iPhone. As promised, the company has updated the map data to fix mistakes or omissions that were reported by users. The latest update also adds iPod controls within the app, whi...

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CoPilot Live navigates to more features

CoPilot Live [iTunes link] for North American roads is becoming the little engine that could. At only US$34.99 it is quickly adding new features, and in this latest update has added the coveted text to speech capability. For drivers, that means the nav app will say "turn left on Elm street" instead ...

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TUAW Follow Up: CoPilot Live missing features

Our Saturday review of CoPilot Live [iTunes Link] raised some interesting questions among users of the US$34.99 app. TUAW reader Jeremy sent us an email this morning wondering why the Live Local Search feature of the app is now a paid feature, when it was free on the first version that was releas...

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CoPilot Live smooths the rough edges in nav app with new update

I took a look at CoPilot Live [iTunes link] almost exactly a month ago, and it was a pretty good, inexpensive nav program, but it had quite a few rough edges. Those rough edges aren't so rough now, and the app is certainly competitive at a price of US$34.99. Improvements from the last version includ...

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CoPilot Live throws a hat in the navigation ring

Well, another day, another iPhone GPS app is released to the eager hordes. One of the latest entries is CoPilot Live [iTunes link]. Note: CoPilot Live is also available in a version for the U.K. at the App Store. The North American version is a US$34.99 full featured nav for your car, bicycle, or ju...

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