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Daily iPad App: Color Blindness Test by EnChroma

Color blindness is a common vision problem that affects up to 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women in the population. People are usually diagnosed when they visit their optometrist for a routine vision check, but you can screen yourself at home using the new Color Blindness Test from EnChr...

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Color Oracle

Today is rapidly turning into Color Blindness awareness day here at TUAW. Earlier I told you about Sim Daltonism, which creates a little panel in which you can simulate how something would look viewed by various types of color blindness, and now we have Color Oracle. Pixel pointed it out to me in th...

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Sim Daltonism

Red is red, right? Wrong. There are some people out there (this humble blogger amongst them) who are color blind in one degree or another (I have a slight case of red/green colorblindness). This means you can't assume people see colors in the same way you do, which is very important when you're a de...

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Frenzic 1.2.1

Frenzic is a frantic game which has the player match and then move colored game pieces to form pies. Trust me, it is a lot more fun than that sounds, and it is even more fun when you play against someone else. Sadly, as with any game based on color recognition, there was a small portion of society t...

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