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Controls+ brings a little bit of iOS 7 Control Center to OS X

Since the first day that I laid eyes on iOS 7 in June, one of my favorite features has been Control Center. Let's face it -- it's much easier and quicker to just swipe up from the bottom of my iPad or iPhone screen to get access to frequently used controls than to either go into settings or launch a...

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iOS 7 Control Center and Notification Center: Information and settings on the fly

My favorite feature in iOS 7 is the Control Center. Having such a feature was the one reason I jailbroke my phone under previous versions of iOS. No more; the Control Center handles almost all of my desires when it comes to instant access to my most-used iOS settings. The Control Center and the No...

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Control Center finally brings quick toggles to iOS

OK, Apple, you got me. "It's iOS 7," I groused to our newsroom after Craig Federighi ran through the changes in Notifications. "Can we please get quick toggles for bloody WiFi, Airplane mode, etc.?" And the next thing out of Federighi's mouth was the new Control Center. Let's be real, this is...

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