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Lion will drop support for earliest Intel Macs

In the past two releases of Mac OS X, we've seen the baseline support for legacy machines hiked a notch higher each time; for Leopard, eliminating slower G4s from the working list, and for Snow Leopard dropping PowerPC support entirely in favor of the newer Intel models. Now, with the developer...

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New refurb MacBooks, minis, etc. in the Apple Store

Apple has just added a few new goodies to the collection of refurbished products in the Apple Store, including several Intel Core Duo-based MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, and minis. Specific models range from the 17 inch, 2.16GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro with 1GB of RAM, 120GB HD, and SuperDrive for $1,...

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TUAW Mythbusting: Core 2 Duo with 3GB RAM slower than with 2GB?

Does a 3GB RAM configuration break the Core 2 Duo's dual channel requirements? Does it lower performance below what you'd get with 2GB RAM? Blogger Dino over at has been on the case but hasn't gotten any clear answers one way or the other. So TUAW is tossing this one out to you myth-bustin...

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G3 iMac good enough for casual user?

The CRT iMacs will always hold a special place in my heart since my first Mac was a 'Blueberry' iMac (yes, I know the picture accompanying this post isn't a Blueberry iMac, it is an Indigo iMac) which is still being used today by my decidedly non-technical mother. However, does a five year old 400mz...

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Apple Introduces $899 Education Configuration for 17-inch iMac

Apple has decided to show the EDU market even more love and has unveiled a slimmed-down 17-inch iMac for all y'all eating reheated Ramen noodles for breakfast in your dorm room right now. This model sells for a mere $899 (down from $1199 for the next model up) and includes a 1.83 Intel Core Duo CPU,...

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Apple pushes Intel into new direction

Apple and Intel seem to be a marriage made in heaven (it is still feels a little odd to write things like that).  Anand Chandrasekher, a senior Intel exec, has been quoted by Computer World as saying that Intel's partnership with Apple has  made the chip maker think about things it never c...

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MacBook Pro gets speed bump, glossy display

Not to be outdone by its younger brother, the MacBook Pro received an update today as well. Specifically, the 2.0GHz model has been replaced by a 2.16GHz version (at $2499US), and the 1.83GHz model now sports an 2.0GHz Intel processor (at $1999US). Also, both MacBook Pro models now feature the new "...

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TUAW in Firefox in XP Home on an iMac Core Duo on TUAW

Subtitle: First Impressions of XP on a Mac. BAM! How's that circularity for you? Yes, folks. Last night, I bravely installed Windows XP Home on my iMac Core Duo and here's a Flickr set of my installation pictures (taken with my camera phone). What are my first impressions? It's pretty darn fast. Ea...

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Video of a MacBook Pro stomping a PowerMac G5 compiling Java

What's a big news day without a little bit of a hardware smack down? Call me crazy, but I just found this Gear Live site through, and these guys posted a video podcast in a variety of formats of a MacBook Pro with a (comparatively) measly 1 GB RAM making mince meat out of a Dual 2.0 GHz P...

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Touchscreen Intel iMacs available

This is good news. We have several touchscreen-enabled Macs at my day job, all from Troll Touch. Earlier this week they announced that the 20" Intel iMac will be added to their lineup. Their system uses the Mac's existing screen, so there's nothing you need to attach to the front (that kids con...

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MacBook Pro vs PowerBook 2.0 GHz benchmarks

No, that headline is not a typo. I found an extensive set of MacBook Pro benchmarks over at Bare Feats that pits the machine against a Dual Core G5 2.0 GHz, an iMac Core Duo 2.0 GHz, a MacBook Pro Solo 2.0 GHz (for good measure I guess) and a PowerBook G4 that has been upgraded to 2.0 GHz, thanks to...

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Core solo Mac mini upgraded to core duo

Check this out. Xtreme Systems forum user Fugger bought an Intel Mac mini core solo and upgraded it to a core duo on his own using an Intel Yonah 2.16 Core Duo. He writes: "Once the motherboard is out, flip it over and locate the plastic tabs that hold down the CPU bracket. Squeeze them and it...

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AnandTech takes a look at the Intel iMac

Anand, from the appropriately named site AnandTech, has gotten his hands on an iMac G5 and an Intel iMac and took both for a spin. He spends lots of time in this very lengthy review comparing the performance of the two, and time after time the Intel iMac is faster, but not mind blowingly so. This re...

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Update on Intel's OS X Software Development Tools

I have a bit of an update to my previous post on Intel's release of Fortran, C , and Math Kernel Libraries for OS X. In an article at ZDNet, James Reinders of Intel notes that to take full advantage of the Intel Core Duo dual processors for OS X applications, programmers will need to use these tools...

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Apple - Intel info

Apple has created a website to answer all your questions about the new Intel Core Duo chips that now power some of our beloved Macs. Thrill to the performance charts that show Intel chips kicking G4 and G5 butt. No one toasted Intel bunny in sight. It is a brave new world, friends, and I for one wel...

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