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CoreDuoTemp 0.8

CoreDuoTemp, the handy little app for monitoring your Intel Mac's temp, CPU usage and frequency, has been updated to version 0.8. New features include: window position saved menu extra indicator new panel prefs correction of the English translation German language added You can grab you...

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Did the SMC Firmware Update cripple some Intel Mac clock speeds?

A thread in Apple's support forums discusses complaints of crippled clock speeds after installing yesterday's SMC firmware update on Intel Macs. Upon an apparently successful update, some users checked their min and max clock speeds with CoreDuoTemp to find that their max has been limited to 1000 Mh...

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Your new MacBook Pro runs a little hot, but how hot is it? CoreDuoTemp can tell you how hot your CPU is, as well as let you know CPU usages, and frequency. All of this for free? Well, donations are accepted. Sorry PowerPC folks, this one is Intel Mac only....

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