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Tag: CoreI7

MacBook Pro, iMac with new Ivy Bridge processors show up on benchmarks

As Chris Rawson noted in today's rumor roundup, there are some fascinating indications that new Macs may be on the way to an Apple Store near you. Geekbench is a cross-platform processor benchmarking tool that is used to provide numbers on the relative capabilities of computers with various C...

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Ivy Bridge Mobile CPUs supposedly ready for MacBook Pro, Air

A report at VR-Zone has the details on Intel's next generation Core i7 and Core i5 processors. As the successor to Sandy Bridge, these Ivy Bridge processors will likely land in the 2012 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Looking closely at the CPU specs, we can get a sneak peek at Apple's future notebo...

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New MacBook Airs may include high-speed 400MBps flash memory

The next generation MacBook Air may get a flash memory boost according to a report from Macotakara. The new NAND flash memory could replace the Blade X-Gale SSDs in the current generation MacBook Air models. This Toggle DDR 2.0 technology boasts of 400 MBps transfer rates and a 19-nm process si...

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MacBook Air could sport new Intel ULV processors

The rumored revision of the MacBook Air, which is expected to go on sale by the end of July, could sport Intel's new ULV chipsets, according to CNet. "ULV" stands for "ultra-low voltage" -- something that is very important for ultra-slim laptops like the MacBook Air. In addition to the low po...

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Macworld publishes first round of benchmark results for new iMac

Macworld posted the results of its first benchmark tests for the newly updated family of iMacs this morning. The publication's tests found Apple's latest iMacs to be generally faster than previous iMacs, although certain build-to-order (BTO) models from 2010 still outperformed the new family of...

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Rumor: Apple to release new iMacs on Tuesday, May 3

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple will release new iMac models next Tuesday, May 3. Citing "people familiar with the matter" who have "continually provided accurate information," AppleInsider states that the next iMacs will sport second-generation Intel Core i5/i7 chips and a Thunderbolt por...

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Intel may ship dual-core Sandy Bridge CPUs on Feb 20

Intel confirmed on Monday that the dual-core version of its Sandy Bridge processor will begin to ship on February 20. Early last week, Intel disclosed the existence of a flaw in the SATA chipset for its second-generation Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Over time, this flaw would degrade the performa...

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MacBook Pro BTO gets a silent speed bump

After distracting us with new goodies, Apple updated the MacBook Pro with a build-to-order CPU bump, bringing the full speed processor choice up to a 2.8GHz i7. The upgrade will cost you US$400 and is limited to the 17-inch and 15-inch models. Consider this the polar opposite of the new Core 2 du...

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iMac line refreshed by Apple

After some early morning downtime, Apple's store is now back and featuring new iMac configurations. Full details are on the iMac technical specifications page. The new systems offer Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors (no more Core 2 Duo!) with improved graphics and new Magic Trackpad support. ...

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New MacBook Pro models are out now

After an early morning bit of store downtime, Apple has released new MacBook Pro models this morning, as rumored/longed for/expected lo these many weeks. The 15" and 17" models now use the i5 and i7 Intel dual-core processors (at 2.4, 2.53GHz or 2.66Ghz, respectively -- gigahertz numbers no longer d...

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Rumor: Best Buy sticks Core i7 logo on MacBook Pro page

When you're waiting so intently for something you know is just around the corner, even the slightest sign of a hint at the new arrival is worth a bit of excitement. Today's moment of thrill (which is almost certainly just a website error, but you never know), courtesy of tipster Zach, is the appe...

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Rumor: MacBook Pro refresh imminent, SKUs dropped from Best Buy systems

Dovetailing nicely with the rumor I noted early Saturday morning regarding benchmark results showing up for a mystery MacBook Pro, we now have a tip that existing MacBook Pro SKUs have been deleted from Best Buy's sales system. The picture above (which was posted in the MacRumors forums) shows the s...

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Rumor: Geekbench hints at a Core i7 MacBook Pro

A quick couple of tips from readers Ken and Jack, and this thread over at the MacRumors forums, point us towards an interesting results page at the Geekbench site (Google cached version, in case they get hammered), which aggregates benchmark results from thousands of users all over the globe. This p...

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Ask TUAW: iMac processor upgrade, 27" iMac as display, wireless input devices, and more

Happy holiday, and welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about upgrading an iMac processor, using the 27" iMac as a display, sharing a Magic Mouse and Bluetooth keyboard with a Linux machine, and more. As always, your suggestions and qu...

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Is the MacBook Pro about to receive a quad-core speed bump?

With all the news circulating around about updated Apple hardware, you might be asking yourself "What about the MacBook Pro?" Apple certaintly hasn't forgotten about its high-end notebook computer, and details are starting to slip out that the MacBook Pro might be receiving a speed boost sooner t...

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