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Corona introduces an SDK starter, will raise Pro price to $599

Unity is probably the most popular tool for cross-platform development out there right now -- last week at GDC, I heard a lot from developers of all sizes about Unity and how it was helping them to build games for iOS and other platforms. But Corona also has a following out there. It's a Softwa...

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Spriteloq helps Flash game developers move assets to Corona

Spriteloq is a new tool for Flash developers looking to make iOS games with the Corona SDK, now available on the project's website. The Corona SDK is a third-party software development kit used to put together iOS games and apps (we've covered it and spoken with the creators before). It allows ...

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360iDev: Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK

There are always a few SDK vendors lurking around any developer convention, and 360iDev is no different. However, unlike a lot of programs that work as a go-between for the iPhone Software Development Kit and some other language ("middleware," in developer-speak), Ansca Mobile isn't worried about t...

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