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Why I will buy an iPad, and think you should too

Cory Doctorow doesn't like the iPad because it is laden with DRM. In other news today: water is still wet. Joel Johnson and John Gruber already took apart one aspect of Cory's argument, the kid tinkering/creating with his new computer. I'm going to focus on another part of it: my mom. Last ...

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Cory Doctorow on Steve's 'Thoughts on Music'

We all know that Cory Doctorow, of BoingBoing fame, hates DRM with the red hot passion of a thousand suns. Most people aren't fans of DRM, but view it as a necessary evil in a world where it is very easy for one person to copy and distribute your 'product' without one red cent going into your pocket...

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Charles Wiltgen responds to Cory Doctorow's 'DRM is bad for business'

Cory Doctorow, well known for his work at BoingBoing and other projects, wrote an article titled Apple's Copy Protection Isn't Just Bad For Consumers, It's Bad For Business. If you've been following anything this guy's written, this isn't the first time he's spoken out about DRM in general, as well...

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PRESS RELEASE: TUAW writer bucks trend, sticks with Mac OS X

Conrad Quilty-Harper, a writer for Mac site TUAW.com, has decided to continue using his Macintosh computer, countering the recent trend for high profile Ubuntu switches FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom (July 26th, 2006) - Conrad Quilty-Harper, a writer for the popular Macint...

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