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"Crazy Ones" poster being sold for charity

The "Crazy Ones" quote used in a few different places around Apple, including some icon Easter eggs and the famous commercials, has been turned into a typeface posted by Los Angeles advertising firm TBWA/Chiat/Day in order to raise funds for charity. You can see and buy the poster over at the a...

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Here's to the crazy ones: a farewell to Steve Jobs

We knew. We may not have wished to know, and perhaps it was easier to push away that sense of impending sadness, the awareness that time was short, but we knew what was coming. After August, after the resignation, we knew. And yet, it's still shocking. It still hurts. Steve Jobs was a father and a...

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Here's to the crazy ones: thanks to the unofficial iPhone developers

Back at the introduction of the iPhone (was it only just over a year ago? How the time flies) we all cast a jaundiced eye at Apple's "develop for the Web" philosophy for extending the platform, while simultaneously wondering if Apple might provide a true SDK for the device of the future; I seem to r...

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TUAW On Scene: from the premiere of Welcome to Macintosh

Here's to the crazy ones. TUAW reader Tony Walla got to attend the Wisconsin premiere of the new Mac-doc film that's sure to be a crowd pleaser (depending on the crowd), and he sent us this report. On April 6th, the documentary "Welcome to Macintosh" premiered at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madis...

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