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Tag: CreditCard

Friday Favorite: Lemon Wallet

Back in the frosty days of February, the guys over at Distil Union sent me one of their very cool Wally iPhone 5 wallets to try out. That ended up being a fortuitous review for a few reasons. First, I found out that the back pain I had experienced for the previous year was due to having a George C...

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Square and Starbucks make deal for cellphone payments

You could buy a lot of coffee with $25 million; that's how much money Starbucks is investing in Square as part of a deal to incorporate the mobile payments startup into its store systems. Starting in the fall, Square's Pay with Square app will be enabled for Starbucks purchases, and Starbucks will...

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PayPal may go after Square's mobile payments

PayPal is planning to take on Square with a new payment processing dongle, says a report from GigaOM. The dongle will supposedly tie into PayPal's already robust payment processing system and will be targeted towards small businesses. Smaller companies would be able to use this system to process c...

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Fake Apple billing email is circulating

Not surprisingly, scammers are targeting Apple customers with a fake phishing email asking them to update their account billing information. People who are new to Apple and probably received their first Mac or iOS device during the holiday season are particularly vulnerable to this scam. This g...

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Square adds customer loyalty, printable receipts

Mobile credit card transaction company Square updated its iOS app this week to include several new features for merchants and customers. Perhaps the biggest update to Square 2.2 is the ability for merchants to reward their regular customers with customized loyalty programs. The app now allows a...

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VeriFone's FUD meets Square's QED

Yesterday, VeriFone (a $4.2b company) launched a harsh public attack on upstart rival Square (a less-than-fifty-people, $37.5m in funding startup). You may remember Square from previous coverage on TUAW or its impressive advertising last year. So what's going on, exactly? The basic gist of the ...

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Mophie and Intuit release Complete Card Solution payment system for iPhone

Square has made quite a few headlines with its in-progress payment system for the iPhone, but here's that reader developed by Mophie (known for their battery pack add-ons) and serviced by Intuit. It's called the Complete Card Solution for iPhone, and it's costlier than Square's extremely low cost o...

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App Store chicanery powered by iTunes account fraud

It's a shame to have to point out such underhanded behavior on a holiday weekend, but we got a heads-up from developers Alexandru Brie and Patrick Thomson that something was seriously amiss in the Books category on the App Store. As detailed on Alex's blog and in this follow-up from The Next Web, it...

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Buying an iPad, one month later

On Tuesday, I finally joined the ranks of iPad owners. It was a relatively smooth experience, but there are some things that caught my eye: If you want certain models, you're going to have to wait. The Apple Store at Chandler Fashion Center only had the 64GB Wi-Fi model while the Biltmore Apple S...

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Kevin Rose demos Square payment system for iPhone

Digg's Kevin Rose is the newest investor in this Square iPhone payment system that we've been seeing lately, and as you can see above, he's demo'ed the unit for everyone over on YouTube. It works as we've heard: there's just an addon that you plug into the iPhone's headphone jack, and then an app t...

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Accept credit card payments on your iPhone? Then there were two

While Square, the new venture from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey that adds a credit card swipe reader to the headphone port of an unsuspecting iPhone or other smartphones, was busy demoing at Le Web, one of the heavyweights of the payment processing market was busy prepping an announcement of i...

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Apple details what you need to bring for iPhone purchase

Apple has posted some information regarding where to buy the iPhone 3G and what to bring to the store so you can get up and running. According to Apple, in-store activations will occur at Apple's retail stores. "Let a Specialist help you choose your iPhone, check the network coverage where you live...

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PSA: read your MacBook user manual

Given all the recent MacBook Pro drama of late, what with overheating issues and all, it might be a good idea to peruse your MacBook/MacBookPro owner's manual one of these days to make sure you've covered the basics, even if most of Apple's care recommendations are obvious these days. Gearlog found ...

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