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Tag: CutTheRope

Cut the Rope 2 will debut before year's end

If you've been following the various iterations of Cut the Rope over the past few years, you might have been wondering if developer ZeptoLab would ever treat us to a proper sequel. Well worry no more, as Cut the Rope 2 is now officially headed our way before the end of the year. According to a pre...

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Starbase Orion, Heroes and Castles, and Cut the Rope get big updates

This week saw three big updates for excellent apps now available on iOS. Starbase Orion is the first one I'll mention -- it's a really great take on the "space 4X" genre (similar to Civilization or Master of Orion) that's instead designed to run on a touchscreen. The 1.1.8 update is a big one, ...

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Daily iPhone App: Pudding Monsters brings Cut The Rope charm to a new franchise

ZeptoLab is a Russian developer best known for their extremely popular iPhone game Cut The Rope, and its many spinoffs and other platform versions that have made their way out into the world. The company's latest game is Pudding Monsters, and while it's not a direct sequel to Cut the Rope, the ...

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Pudding Monsters is newest game from Cut the Rope creators ZeptoLab

ZeptoLab is a Russian developer most famous for creating the enormously popular Cut the Rope series on iOS, and today the company has announced a brand-new game, called Pudding Monsters. There's a quick teaser trailer down below, and while it doesn't yet show any real gameplay, you can probably...

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Cut The Rope, Beat The Traffic, Angry Birds Space and more updated today

We've already heard about some big updates on the App Store this week, but this regular Thursday is also full of them -- some of the App Store's biggest apps are getting big chunky updates to use or play with. Here's a rundown for you. Angry Birds Space has a Mars Curiosity rover-related u...

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Twitter app, Cut the Rope, SpellTower, SpellCraft School of Magic all updated

We don't usually cover every single update that arrives on the App Store, simply because there are so many apps out there and so many developers working hard all the time. But a number of very popular apps have updated recently, so here's a few big apps with lots of new content to see. The officia...

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Cut the Rope and Where's my Water getting toys, more content

The New York Toy Fair is on this week, and so collectors and toy buyers alike are hearing about all sorts of new products. And given that the iPhone is one of the largest brands around, it's probably no surprise that iOS-based game properties are very popular this year. Disney's Where's My Water i...

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Daily iPad App: Tiny Places HD

Tiny Places is the latest title from Big Fish Games, which typically releases games on PC (mostly casual stuff like find-an-item and puzzle games), but lately has been making a big push on iOS as well. What's interesting about Tiny Places is that it borrows from from iOS games rather than Big F...

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Cut the Rope: Experiments brings some new twists to the popular property

Besides Doodle Jump, if there's one game I could never get sick of playing on my iPhone, it's Cut the Rope. In the game, you use your finger to "cut" ropes that release candy that (hopefully) end up in a green little creature's big mouth. Other fans of Cut the Rope will be pleased to learn that...

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Cut the Rope update, plush toys coming soon

The video below highlights an upcoming update for the popular Cut the Rope title on iOS -- Chillingo is bringing 25 new levels to the title, complete with some new game mechanics and features. Cartoon creature Om Nom will be able to be fed various types of foods, not just the candy he so craves...

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Best App Ever winners announced, Angry Birds wins big

148Apps' own Jeff Scott just handed me an actual piece of paper here in the Macworld press room, and on it there are all of the Best App Ever winners listed. You can read the full list online in PDF form, but we'll spoil a few of them for you. Best App Ever for 2010? None other than a little app yo...

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Cut the Rope holiday version now available

Chillingo has joined the holiday fun with Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift edition. The holiday version of Cut the Rope is a universal app, separate from the regular app, and offered free of charge. If you have somehow missed Cut the Rope, do yourself a favor and check it out. In addition to the holiday e...

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Determining Game Center's current popularity

The always insightful Stuart Dredge over at MobileEntertainment has crunched some numbers on Game Center's actual popularity. Since Apple's own gaming social network on the iPhone launched, I've heard lots of different things from developers in terms of how they're implementing and using it. Some d...

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TUAW's Daily App: Cut the Rope

At every one of these gaming shows (it's GDC Online this week, which I'm at for TUAW), there's usually a "game of the show" that emerges. It's something, either on the show floor or demoing behind closed doors, that everyone starts to talk about. The buzz starts at parties and in the hallways, and ...

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