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Caturday: Matej the multi-purpose cat

Whether it's laying comfortably in front of a classic slot-loading iMac in 2003 -- presumably there to clean off CDs and DVDs going into the drive -- or getting exercise more recently batting at fish in the Friskies iPad app (below), Matej knows his Apple products and loves 'em. Matej hails from P...

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Czech Telefonica dropping the iPhone

Czech mobile provider Telefonica Czech Republic AS has decided not to sell the iPhone 4S and will stop selling all iPhone models, according to an October 27th report by Hospodarske Noviny, a local Czech paper. A spokesperson for Telefonica Czech said Apple's business terms were the reason the c...

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Apple opens online stores for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, UAE

Apple expanded its online reach by opening stores in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates. Apple celebrated the event with a brightly colored confetti banner on each country's website that announced the grand opening. Customers in these above countries will be able ...

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