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Daily Mail runs iPhone 4 recall story based on fake Steve Jobs tweet

No, wait -- it's not credible. Despite the fact that @ceoSteveJobs is 100% fake, which a casual reading of the account timeline shows, Britain's Daily Mail newspaper still ran with a story yesterday that quoted the Twitter account as saying Apple might have to recall the iPhone 4. The story has been...

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iPhone photo of "ghost" makes UK tabloids look foolish

It doesn't take much to make yourself look like a fool, but in the case of The UK's Sun and Daily Mail newspapers, they have to be feeling quite idiotic right about now. Perhaps not, as these tabloids have a history of running fabulous stories about celebrities, politicians, and the supernatural as...

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Dude, he invented the friggin' iPod. Have you heard of it?

Meet Kane Kramer. In 1979, he filed a patent for a device called the IXI, an early digital device that held about three minutes of music. He let the patent lapse a decade later, and never saw a penny from Apple's blistering success with the iPod. You might think this was a story of a bitter man with...

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Daily Mail claims iPhone nano ready for Christmas, the rest of us laugh

The Daily Mail (of London) is citing "an industry source" that says Apple will release a £150 (≈$295) "iPhone nano" for O2 pay-as-you-go customers. The 8GB iPhone 3G is currently on offer for £99 (≈$195), but requires a £30 (≈$59) per month service charge for 18 ...

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