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Macworld goes hands-on with Apple's Lightning adapter

One of the more controversial design decisions on the iPhone 5 was the change to the Lightning connector. In order to smooth the transition from the 30-pin Dock connector that had been in existence since before the first iPhone, Apple developed two adapters -- the US$29 Lightning to 30-pin adap...

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Macworld on what you need to know about iTV

We may not know when Apple will be shipping the iTV, or what it will be called, or what all it can do, but that won't stop us from talking about it. I mean, we know even less about the iPhone and lots of Mac websites parrot on about that ad nauseum (TUAW being no exception). Jason Snell and Dan Frak...

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Get the skinny on Spaces

Our good friend Dan Frakes, writing for Macworld, takes a look at Spaces which is Apple's virtual desktop manager to be introduced in Leopard. Dan points out that Apple isn't the first to think of this feature (much like Time Machine) but that they have implemented it well. Dan gives Spaces a very ...

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Playlist highlights the Home Entertainment Show

Dan Frakes, that wacky iPod aficionado, was on the ground at the 2006 Home Entertainment Show and he saw lots of cool iPod gear. Above you see the $1250 FH007 Mini System from Ferguson Hill (which remind me of the speakers that came with the Cube). Dan saw lots of other stuff (including a $16,000 s...

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Macworld releases iPod/iTunes "Superguide"

There's no doubt that the folks at Macworld and Playlist Mag (like Chris Breen,* Dan Frakes, etc.) have written some great articles on the iPod and iTunes. Wouldn't it be nice to have them all in one convenient location? To that end, Macworld has released the iPod and iTunes Superguide. It's an 88-p...

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