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Abandon your Sunday plans: Return to Dark Castle ships

As Brett noted in February, the long-in-development next installment of the classic Mac game Dark Castle has been expected "any day now" for years. Rent fans sing along with me: No Day But Today -- the release of Return To Dark Castle has finally happened, and you can buy the game at this moment fro...

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Just a taste: Return to Dark Castle demo available

Well, we wrote about the upcoming Return to Dark Castle release recently. After years of waiting since the initial announcement, there were definitely some doubts about it ever actually being released. I can't yet hand you a link to the full, purchase-ready version, but they've got a demo! I can't ...

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Pursuing the Black Knight again: Return to Dark Castle

You may remember 1986 as the year of Greg LeMond's first Tour de France victory. Or maybe you were more consumed with following the early stages of the Iran-Contra Affair. Perhaps you were preoccupied with being born. In that case, you might not care about this post as much as those who spent the ye...

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