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Game updates today: The Blockheads, Heroes of Order and Chaos, and Borderlands 2 on Mac

There are a number of big game updates today on both Mac and iOS that are worth picking up if you happen to have the apps installed. First up, the excellent The Blockheads has a big multiplayer update coming, which will allow players to host multiplayer worlds with up to 32 people (which means 1...

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Majic Jungle's The Blockheads charges on

Developer David Frampton is one of our favorites around here at TUAW -- he made a big splash on the App Store a while ago with Chopper 2, but these days he's working on a huge sandbox app he's made called The Blockheads, which is a Minecraft-style game where you can explore a world with the tit...

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The Blockheads changes the game with a major update

The Blockheads is an excellent game by New Zealand developer David Frampton, also known as Majic Jungle Software. We covered it when it first released earlier this year, and the game has now picked up a really substantial update. iOS updates in general happen pretty often these days (I think I ...

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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Sand Pictures

Sand Pictures is an interesting app -- it might not appeal to everyone, but I think there's an audience for it on the iPad nevertheless. It's from David Frampton, overseer of Majic Jungle Software, and creator of the popular Chopper series for iOS. But this is a much less violent affair than th...

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Chopper 2 for Mac controlled by iPhone

You've probably seen Chopper 2 here on TUAW before -- we originally covered the app's iPad-out-to-TV feature and then chatted with creator David Frampton back at WWDC last year. With the news of the Mac App Store coming soon, Frampton has decided to port the game over to the Mac, and since he alread...

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