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Easter App Store sale kicks off with deals from EA and Sega

It's Easter, and although that normally means stuffing your face with chocolate and a bit of a break, it also means it's time for another App Store fire-sale. Hot on the block this year is EA's impressive, console-quality, survival horror third-person shooter Dead Space for iPhone and iPad; it'...

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Lots of iPad games go on sale this weekend, likely more to come

iOS developers have realized that there will probably be a whole lot of iPad 2 apps sold this weekend (since there will be so many new iPad 2s wandering around), so they've dropped prices on quite a few iPhone apps. AppAdvice has a good list up -- EA's apps are in there, including Mirror's Edge...

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TUAW's Daily App: Dead Space

Dead Space is already known as a high-quality title on both consoles and PC, and the sequel just arrived this week to play through. (Though I'm a fan of the series and was even able to play a few preview builds of the game, I haven't had time to play the actual game because of Macworld Expo this we...

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