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Tag: DearApple

What do you want to see in the next Final Cut Studio?

It's no secret that many post-production professionals feel Final Cut Studio has been falling behind over the last two years. While Apple has taken its time developing a new version of its video suite, competitors like Adobe have jumped ahead with significant updates; some have even questioned ...

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Dear Apple: Tear out your optical drives

The only company that can make Apple's products look comparatively ugly is Apple. Take for example the new MacBook Air. Grab one of those babies, put it next to a current MacBook or MacBook Pro, and the bigger notebooks look like monstrosities. Now, I'm sure Apple will start to port many of the i...

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Dear Apple, you're half-way there

In January you told Apple what you wanted in iPhone OS 4.0. Did the development team heed your advice? Well, even though iPhone OS 4 is only in its first beta release, Apple has already added 50% of the major features you wanted. What was delivered? Vertical swiping, app switching, backgr...

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Dear Apple, did you listen?

Calling all TUAW readers! Tomorrow you're going to find out if Apple listened to the letters you wrote to them. Now in all fairness to Apple, your second letter dealt with the hardware. We don't expect Apple to preview the new iPhone hardware tomorrow, and even if they did, that hardware was prob...

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What do you want to see in Mac OS X 10.7?

It's time again for another Dear, Apple letter from the readers of TUAW. In our first series (part one, part two, part three) you told us what you want to see in the next iPhone OS. Now we need your help again to tell Apple what you want to see in the next version of Mac OS X. Think the Finder...

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Dear Apple: What we want to see in iPhone 4.0, part 3

Even with rumors swirling that iPhone OS 4.0 will be previewed on Wednesday (along with some tablet thingy), chances are the OS won't be finalized until early summer, so there's still plenty of time for Apple to take your suggestions....

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Dear Apple: What we want to see in iPhone 4.0, part 2

While the next iPhone is expected sooner this year than in past years, and the hardware design has most likely long since been finalized, it's clear that plenty of you have your own ideas of how you want the next-generation iPhone to look and work. With that in mind, even though the next iPhone's ha...

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Dear Apple: What we want to see for iPhone 4.0, part 1

A week ago we asked you, the TUAW reader, to help us tell Apple what you want in the next iPhone: the OS, the apps, the hardware. Within two hours, I had over two hundred emails in my inbox. Within four days, the email total topped 1,100. As I was shifting and sorting through all your suggestions, o...

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TUAW readers: Help us tell Apple what you want in the next iPhone!

Apple's campus is a surreal place to be. You're surrounded by a loop of buildings where some of the most advanced technological innovation is going on behind closed doors. That excitement aside, another great thing about being on campus was being able to dine at Café Mac. Café Mac is ...

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