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Star Wars Stormtroopers use Mac System 6

The evil Galactic Empire is well-known for cutting corners in its engineering, with gaping chasms scattered seemingly at random throughout the Death Star without a single guardrail in sight. It turns out the Empire's computer systems are also woefully out of date; as designer Matt Chase demonst...

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Destroy the Death Star from the comfort of your iPhone

Wanna blow up the Death Star? There's an app for that! At least there should be soon. StarWars.com has word of the upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch game "Star Wars: Trench Run," letting players do the cool stuff Luke Skywalker did in Episode IV (minus the whining), namely: blow up the Death Star. ...

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What will you do with your old iPhone?

So like a gadzillion people have asked me: "What do I do with my old iPhone now that I'm upgrading to a spiffy new 3G unit?" I thought about doing a top ten list. I thought about clever and amusing ways to use an old iPhone. But seriously, it just comes down to this. So read my lips. Jailbreak it. ...

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