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Comixology debuts Submit program, picking up indie comics for their app

Comixology runs the biggest dedicated comic book app on iOS (appropriately called Comics), and today it announced a new program designed to make its comic book marketplace even bigger. Comixology Submit, still in closed beta, will allow independent comic book creators and artists to sell their ...

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Rumor: Lion near to going live

Trusted sources tell TUAW that OS X 10.7 Lion has gone live for internal Apple testing as recently as last week. An internal testing release generally indicates that Lion is near to a real world debut. This suggests the new OS might possibly ship as early as WWDC with an "available today" men...

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Apple 'experts' coming to a store near you

Along with the "Geniuses" and "Creatives" currently available at the Apple Store, there's a new type of employee that'll be wandering the store floors. Apple "Experts" are set to debut in about two weeks at retail locations around the country. The men and women selected as Experts will move up into ...

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Tracking the iPhone hype generator

Fortune's Apple 2.0 got a nice little graph up of just where and when the iPhone's hype machine went into overdrive. There's no question it was a gigantic brand last year, but what's interesting is just how manufactured and "by design" each of those spikes are. B on the chart above is the actual iP...

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