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Delicious Monster releases Delicious Library 3 with companion iOS scanner app

Delicious Monster is known for Delicious Library, a comprehensive inventory app that lets you track items from every nook and cranny of your life. The OS X app was updated today to version 3.0, and the changes that Delicious Monster made to Delicious Library are impressive. First and foremost...

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Delicious Library 3 to add recommendation engine, iOS cataloging app

Longtime TUAW readers may remember that about five years ago, one of the hot app updates we were looking forward to was Delicious Library 2 (US$34.99), the latest incarnation of a media cataloging app from developer Delicious Monster. MacRumors reports today that the next iteration of the app w...

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MacTech 2010: Wil Shipley on Noogle Noggles, a new Delicious Library and the Mac App Store

Wil Shipley is probably the premiere Mac developer -- he co-founded The Omni Group, and now runs Delicious Monster, whose Delicious Library app pretty much embodies the best of this platform we love so much. Wil kindly sat down to talk with me at last week's MacTech 2010 conference here in Los Angel...

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Wil Shipley: Apple "copied me"

When Steve Jobs was introducing the iPad last week, a number of us familiar with Delicious Monster had the same reaction during the iBooks demo: "That looks like Delicious Library." Developer Wil Shipley noticed, too. In an interview with The Washington Post, Shipley complained about the strik...

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Delicious Library 2.0 is now shipping

The beta period is over and Delicious Library 2.0 is officially ready to go (we took an early look at version 2 back in March). If you're unfamiliar, Delicious Library is the beautiful personal media database (that's the fancy way of saying "it keeps track of your stuff") that's as fun as it is usef...

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Wil Shipley appears in Penny Arcade

Wil Shipley, he of the Delicious Generation's namesake, appears in yesterday's Penny Arcade comic, as a guy hopefully waiting in the iPhone line. (Little does he know that they'll have plenty there even after he makes his way to the front.) The appearance came out of last year's Child's Play auction...

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TUAW Interview series with Wil Shipley: The Leopard delay - does it change anything?

In the first interview of this new mini-series, Brent Simmons of NewsGator / NetNewsWire shared some of his thoughts on Apple's delay of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in light of the iPhone. For this second installment, Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster / Delicious Library steps up to the plate on feeling li...

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The Cocoa Conundrum

When it comes to software on the Mac platform it's a mixed bag. I don't mean like on Windows, where the bag is full of snakes, scorpions, rusty blades, and the occasional bit of peach. Software on the Mac has been in flux for a decade. When Apple bought NeXT, most of us figured Copland was dead in t...

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I have two passions in life: technology and books. I can't figure out how I didn't know about Bookpedia until yesterday when I stumbled across it. Sure, Delicious Library is the big name in Mac personal media management, but Bookpedia only costs $18 bucks and it pulls info from libraries as well as...

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Delicious Library 1.6.1

Delicious Library has gone Universal as of version 1.6.1, which was just released. This point release also enables user to use Delicious Library with the built in iSights in both the iMacs and MacBook Pros. There are also numerous bug fixes which is to be expected in any point release, as well as se...

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