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A look at OS X desktop pictures

Thomas Brand at Egg Freckles has written a short history of Apple desktop pictures through the years. "Mavericks' New Wave" talks about how the Apple desktop has evolved since Mac OS 8 and the quality of the desktop patterns and photos. Thomas includes download links to copies of the desktop pict...

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Mac 101: Change your desktop picture

Welcome back to Mac 101, our series of posts aimed at novice Mac users and veterans who like the occasional refresher. Many new Mac owners want to customize their Mac's look and feel. A simple place to begin is the desktop picture. It's easy to change and there are several options, from the image...

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Use a webpage as your desktop with WebDesktop

Here's a handy bit of freeware. WebDesktop lets you use any web page as your desktop picture. Simply enter the URL of a terrific website (like, say, this one), set the transparency and reload rate and you're all set! When in the background, the page you're monitoring acts as your desktop picture, b...

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