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Wall Street analysts weigh in on the iPad mini

Although Apple's stock fell sharply after the event yesterday -- it closed at around US$613 after opening the day at about $631 a share -- most Wall Street analysts are saying that the iPad mini will be a hit with consumers. The $329 starting price of the iPad mini was seen by Chris Whitmore ...

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Elmer-DeWitt: Apple in "no hurry" to settle iPhone patent lawsuits

To Apple-watchers -- in particular tech bloggers -- it seems like Apple is taking forever to settle the lawsuits that are pending against Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers for allegedly infringing on the company's intellectual property. On Fortune's Apple 2.0 site today, long-time Apple a...

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Black Friday was a successful day for online retailers. Customers spent more than US$816 million, a 26 percent increase over Black Friday 2010. Apple was one of the beneficiaries of this rise in online sales. The Cupertino company climbed its way into the top 5 and became the fifth most-visited r...

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Analyst suggests Apple to release two iPhone models this September

In a recent research note, Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore predicts Apple may unveil two iPhone models, an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5, this fall. Whitmore argues that RIM and Nokia, two bastions of the mid-range mobile phone market, are struggling, and Apple could grab a huge chunk of their...

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Deutsche Bank analyst: Holiday Mac and iPad sales higher than expected

We've been speculating about just how popular iPads were during the first Christmas season with the revolutionary device, and we're also wondering how other Apple products did during the holidays. In a report cited by AppleInsider, Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore says that sales of both iPads a...

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Is Apple actually the number one computer maker in the US?

Just last week, we reported that Apple had made its way into the third spot for computer makers in the US (with an impressive 10.6 percent market share), and surely this has helped to boost Apple's stock price as of late. But how would those numbers change if the iPad were to be included as a PC? Ac...

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Deutsche Bank says IT warms to iPhone

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore says corporate IT is warming up to the iPhone. In a research note published yesterday das analyst says, "There is growing evidence that the iPhone is making inroads into the Enterprise." Whitmore thinks Apple will sell 2 million iPhones to big business by the ...

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Analyst Roundup: Black Friday pretty good for Apple

Apple met or beat analyst expectations for sales over the weekend, selling 13 Macs and 3.4 iPhones every hour, according to one Piper Jaffray estimate. Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu said that Apple's Black Friday promotions helped drive retail store traffic, according to reports from distributors. W...

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